How to Change Location in Your Line App

In case you wish to change your location in the Line app, then you need to change the registered phone number altogether. You can do this procedure by taking out the SIM card from your smartphone. You also have to change your registered phone number which you provided while making an account on Line application. If you want to know the steps to change location in your Line app, then follow the instructions mentioned in this article.

Steps to Change the Line Account to Any Other Phone Number

•    Start changing the phone number, which is already registered.

•    Now, verify the email ID which you have entered.

•    After that, verify the password you have typed.

•    Taking a back of all the conversation, you have done.

Steps to Change the Registered Phone Number

•    Go to the application.

•    Open the “Friends” option.

•    Choose the “Settings” option.

•    After that, click on the “Account” option.

•    Click on the “Phone Number”

•    Click on the Next option.

•    Type a new phone number.

•    After that, choose the “Verify phone number” option.

•    Press on the Ok button.

•    Type the code which you get on the registered phone number.

•    Click on the Next option.

Steps to Verify the Email Address

•    Go to the application.

•    Press on the More option.

•    Click on the Settings option

•    Choose the Account option.

•    Choose the Email Address which you want to enter.

•    After that, press on the “Change your email” option.

•    You do not have to create any changes in case you want to enter the same email ID.

•    In case you do not want to keep the same email ID, type a new email ID.

•    After that, you will get a confirmation code to the email ID which you have entered.

•    Type the code to confirm the change you have made.

Steps to Verify the Password

•    Open the Friends option.

•    Press on the Settings option.

•    After that, click on the Account option.

•    Choose the Password which you want to keep.

•    Type the registered email ID  for verification.

•    Otherwise, type the new password.

•    After that, verify that password.

Steps to Take a Backup of the Chat History

•    Click on the Start option.

•    Choose the country where you are currently living.

•    Type a new phone number.

•    Press on the arrow after completing the steps as mentioned above.

•    Type the six-digit verification code which you have received on the registered phone number.

•    Click on the “Yes, that’s my account” box.

•    Select one of your friends by going to the contact menu list on the device.

•    Press on the arrow.

•    Select in case you wish to get all the chat history.

•    Verify the “Regarding Usage of Your Information” box when it starts showing on the screen.


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