How to Change Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse Batteries

Microsoft Surface avails its users a sleek and smooth touchpad which allows an individual to move their mouse cursor quickly. Still, Microsoft also provides its users with a Surface Mobile mouse, which is quite a piece of the art in terms of appearance and handling.

Microsoft Mobile Mouse features a futuristic design which includes a dynamic look and eye-pleasing ultra-thin appearance. Moreover, the Surface mobile mouse is compatible for both right and left-hand users, and most importantly, it’s quite affordable.

Although the surface mouse is available in three different colors namely Platinum, Cobalt blue and Burgundy, still the metallic scrolling wheel makes this mouse one of the most preferred devices to have for any Microsoft Surface user. As the Surface Mobile Mouse is a wireless device, so it requires two AAA batteries to work, which can last for around 12 months if used moderately.

But if you are a gamer or use your Microsoft Surface device for editing videos, then it is quite likely that your Surface Mobile mouse batteries would require frequent change. So if you need some easy steps to replace the battery of your Surface Mobile mouse, then refer to the steps mentioned below in correct order.

  • First, flip the Microsoft Surface mouse upside down and push the bottom of the cover, securing the battery compartment.
  • Now slide the back cover that is securing the battery compartment and gently remove it.
  • Then grab the installed batteries and pull upwards to remove it. You can use your fingernails or use the tip of a screwdriver to remove the old batteries inside the Surface Mobile mouse battery housing.
  • After that slide in your new AAA batteries in a similar order as the previous batteries were installed.
  • Now slide back the cover of the mouse to secure the battery housing.
  • Then press the Bluetooth pairing button and assure that the blue laser light turns on. If the light does not activate, then check if the batteries are correctly installed and then try again.

By going through the steps mentioned above, an individual can easily change the batteries of their Surface device and enjoy the smooth and comfortable functioning of their mobile mouse.

To ensure that the batteries of your Surface Mobile mouse last long, make a habit of turning off the power of the mouse whenever you are not using your device. By doing so, one can save a lot of battery backup on their mouse and use it for a sufficiently long period of time. Hopefully, now users will be able to replace their old AAA batteries of Microsoft Surface Mobile mouse and resume its services.


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