How to Change the Sound Settings via Ease of Access Settings Page on Windows 10?

Audio plays a vital role in simplifying operations on Windows 10. The sound may differ based on the model of your system, and in this case, users are recommended to use the Ease of Access settings page for configuring audio on Windows 10. There are various ways of configuring Audio settings through the Ease of Access Settings page, such as making the device more compatible for hearing purposes, displaying Alert visually directly in Windows 10. Users may use a new way to enrich the sound quality and its input audio system, and thus we compiled related information for configuring audio via Ease of Access Settings:

Launching Audio in Ease of Access Settings                                                  

  • First of all, tap the Windows logo and “I” key as combo action to launch the Windows Settings page.
  • Once you have launched the respective Settings interface, then search for the section “Ease of Access” and hit the same.
  • Navigate to the Audio subsection situated at the left-hand side section of the respective page. Alternatively, you may launch the Run Dialog Box and then input the under mentioned path followed by the Enter key to proceed:


Change the Sound Settings via Ease of Access

Making Device Easier to Hear

There are two different sections in the Audio Settings page that make you configure audio setup in a very straightforward manner. The first most option enables the users to manage the device easier for hearing while the second one provides the complete accessibility of selecting the visual audio alerts.

One can use the slide bar for changing the device volume to control the volume of the respective speaker. If you drag the slider towards the right-hand side section, then the sound will increase, and it will get higher as you slide it towards the extreme right. It acts inversely if you drag the slider towards the left-hand side section.

Mono Audio Feature

This feature ensures perfect and smooth sound quality on both the channels. The listener won’t miss a particular soundtrack playing in the stereo or multichannel speaker. When you activate the feature, the audio will appear via the same panel on both the channels. Therefore, activating this feature is very helpful for those whose single speaker transfers sound just because of various complications such as unsupportable channels with the hardware or incompatible encoding of the respective channels.

Therefore, turn the toggle to ON of the respective Mono audio intone channel.

How to Display Audio Alerts Visually on Windows 10

The feature enables the user to compute the audio features smoothly as it allows them to select from the list of visual sound alerts. Users facing trouble can take the assistance of the device to show up the notification alert visually. Once the notification audio plays, the visual display will also be shown on the device in the form of flash.

Here is how to turn off and on the Visual Notification for Audio alerts on Windows 10:

  • First and foremost, launch the Audio Settings page.
  • Then, search for the option for showing visual alerts for various notifications to be displayed.
  • Perform a tap on the pull drop menu and then select the desired option based on your requirement. The options are mentioned below:
  • Flash the Title Bar of the Active Window: In this mode, the respective title bar of the active window on which you are working will be flashed on the screen along with the audio to notify every Alert.
  • Flash the Active Window: once the Alert will appear, the complete active window will start to flicker.
  • No Visual Alert: You will hear only audio Alert without any visual display once the notification appears on the screen of your system.
  • Flash the Entire Screen: The entire display of the system will flash along with the notification audio alert.

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