How To Change Tumblr Username From Desktop And Smartphone

It is possible that you wish to replace your existing Tumblr name to something more unique or you may desire to change your name to some band or character that you are a fan of. Irrespective of any reason, changing a username on Tumblr is quite easy and you can do so in a few minutes. So to change your username to any of your preferred once, refer to the steps mentioned below.

Steps to change Tumblr username in desktop

  • First head to the official Tumblr site from your browser.
  • Now look for a logo with a person on it. It is in the top right corner of your desktop display.
  • Then select the “Settings” option from the new popped-up menu panel.
  • After that, the user will have to choose “Blogs” panel and then select the name that they want to change.
  • Then choose the logo with a pencil on it. It is generally adjacent to username option.
  • Now, enter the desired name that you want to change to and then select the “Save” button.

By following the steps mentioned above, users can easily change their Tumblr user name with ease. It is quite possible that you are accessing Tumblr on your smartphone, so users can also change their Tumblr handle name on their Android or iOS mobile devices. To change the name of your Tumblr account, follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to change Tumblr username in mobile phones

  • Launch the Tumblr app on your smartphone.
  • Now press the account logo from the bottom of your display.
  • Then select the gear logo from the upper-right corner of your mobile display.
  • After that, select the “Change Username” from the list of options available.
  • This would redirect you to a dialog box where you can enter your new username. Still, if your newly selected user name is already occupied, then you will have to choose some other name.
  • Once you have decided the new username for your Tumblr account, then you will have to press the “Save” button to complete the change.

By following the steps mentioned above, users can easily change their username from Tumblr on their mobile phones. If by any chance you feel that your changed name is not that effective or does not suit your personality, then users have an option to restore their old name back, but this feature is only valid for 24 hours time frame.

After 24 hours, Tumblr lets any other user to pick their old name, so if you are looking for changing your name back to your previous one, then do it within this 24-hour timeframe. Hopefully, now users will be able to change their username on Tumblr with great ease.


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