Personalized wallpaper is the simplest method to provide your Samsung Galaxy S6  a makeover. You can choose many different wallpapers from the installed wallpapers section or customize your own wallpaper. If you are a new owner of Samsung Galaxy S6 and want to know how to change the wallpaper on it, then go through the instructions mentioned below to do so.

Steps to Change Wallpaper on Your Samsung S6 Through Home Screen

•    Go to the Wallpapers.

1. Open the Home Screen on your device.

2. After opening the home screen, keep pressing on the space given on display.

3. It will open the edit mode menu on the home screen of your device.

4. You will get all these options listed below:

Apply Galaxy S6 themes

Set the screen grid.

Change wallpapers

Add widgets to Home

5.  In case you wish to change the wallpaper on your Samsung S6, then press on the Wallpapers option.

•    Select Wallpaper Location

1.    Select where you wish to use the wallpaper.

2.    In case you want to start using the images which you have captured on the device, then press on the “From Gallery” option.

3.    Otherwise, select the wallpapers which are already installed on the device which came with a new Samsung Galaxy S6 device.

4.    In case you click on the photo, you will get a preview of how your desktop looks like.

5.    After getting your preferred photo, press on the “Set as Wallpaper” option given at the end of the display.

6.    You will get the Home Screen on the upper left side of the display. It resembles a downward facing arrow.

7.    When you press on the arrow, you will get the options to change the wallpaper for the home and lock screens.

Steps to Change Wallpaper on Your Samsung S6 Through Settings Tab

•    Use your own wallpaper.

1.    You can use your own wallpaper by clicking on the Settings option.

2.    Go down from the upper side of the display.

3.    It will open the notification panel on the screen.

4.    Press on the gear symbol located on the top right side of the display to open the settings menu.

5.    On the Settings menu, go to the personal column located at the end of the display.

6.    Press on the Wallpaper to use or change the wallpaper on your Samsung S6.

•    Change your desktop wallpaper.

1.    You will get the wallpaper option at the end of the display.

2.    Go through the menu list of the pictures which are currently available by sliding from the left-hand to the right-hand side.

3.    After getting the wallpaper as per your wish, press on the picture.

4.    It will preview how your home screen with a new wallpaper looks like.

5.    Once you are satisfied with new wallpaper, press on the Set Wallpaper option located at the end of the display.

6.    Moreover, you can choose any other option by pressing on the Home screen given in the upper left-hand side of the display to change the wallpaper on your Samsung S6.

7.    You can choose by going to the Home and Lock screens.

8.    Now, you have successfully changed the wallpaper on your Samsung S6.

Source By :  Sage support number.

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