How to Change Your VM Network Adapter Type

It is compulsory to have a network adapter for connecting the virtual machine. But, you
will face many situations where you have to change the network adapter of the Virtual
Machine. Do you want to change your VM network adapter type? Then this article will
help you to complete this procedure.


Here’s how to change the network adapter type in
· Start changing the VMWare settings

  1. Go to the inventory.
  2. You need to right-click on the virtual machine.
  3. Press on the Edit Settings tab.
  4. Click on the Virtual Hardware option.
  5. Press on the Network adapter to enlarge it.
  6. Start using the pull-down list to select a particular port group which you wish to
  7. Now, you will get the distributed and standard port groups menu list.
  8. It can be used to set up the connection.
  9. Select the network resource pool port group in case you want to offer the network
    adapter bandwidth by going to the quota which is reserved.
  10. You can do this procedure by using the vSphere Network I/O Control version 3.
  11. Start changing the Status settings tab to paired or pair at turn on.
  12. Start using the Adapter Type pull-down list.
  13. It helps you to select the preferred network adapter type.
  14. Start using the pull-down list for assigning the Mac address to choose the Automatic
    or Manual option.
  15. Find the bandwidth to your network adapter in case it is paired to the distributed port
    group of the vSphere Network I/O Control version 3 enables distributed toggle.
  16. If you want to allocate bandwidth to SR-IOV pass through network adapters, then it
    will be not recommended.
  17. Change the traffic relative priority by going to the virtual machine through the Shares
    pull-down list.
  18. You have to change the minimum VM network adapter bandwidth after turning on
    the vending machine.
  19. Start using the Reservation text box to adjust the limit.
  20. At last, change the limit of the bandwidth for the Vending Machine network adapter
    by using the Limit text box.
  21. Press on the OK option.
  22. It will save the changes you have made.

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