How To Check-In Online In Air France?

Run by Air France- KLM, Air France was founded in 1933. Today, after 88 years of existence, the airline flies people in and out of 211 locations worldwide. The airline has made sure that with time, it ensures easy access to the services Air France provides.

From Air France flight booking to check-in, each facility is no longer just available at the airport. You can make a plan with Air France right from your home at any point in time. The official website of the airline and the app available on apple and play store is how you can book Air France tickets.

Earlier, you could check into flight reservations at the office or a kiosk. But today, all you need is a few clicks on your screen, and you can avoid the long queues at the airport. Here, we will take you through the online procedure of Air France check-in.

Online Check-In For Air France Booking

Checking in online to your Air France booking can be done easily between 30 hours to 1 hour of flight departure on the official website. Follow the steps below to see how you can avoid visiting the airport hours before the departure time.

  • Open the official website of Air France on your web browser.
  • The first thing here you will have to do is select the country you want to avail of the services from.
  • Next, look for the check-in option on the menu bar and hit that.
  • Now, provide the information of your Air France reservations in the given space. You will require either your ticket or reservation number, the last name you mentioned on the ticket, and the flight number you are traveling on.
  • Click on the check-in button, and the website will take you to the next age.
  • Here, you can add baggage space and select a seat for your choice for your Air France booking.
  • If you have already done these steps, move on to the next page.
  • Here, you will receive your boarding pass.
  • You can either carry the soft copy or can get it printed.

You can also check-in at the airport before boarding the flight, but there are a few reasons why it is better to check-in online. Let’s catch a glimpse of those.

Is It Better To Check-In Online?

As far as we understand, online check-in is always a better option. Here are a few reasons why we state that:

  • You have a higher possibility of getting a seat of your choice rather than waiting till the last minute and picking the one from the rejected or leftover ones.
  • Online check-in can save you from the long queues at the airport. Along with that, you will not have to reach the airport 3 hours before the departure time of the flight.
  • There is a possibility that you might have to pay a lesser fee on checked luggage.

Air France opens online check-in 30 hours before the departure time. However, it sends the boarding pass a bit later in the day. But anyway it is better to wait at home than stand in a queue.

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