How to Check Match List

We trust you’re perusing this article before you’ve been set on the MATCH list, however in the event that not, we’ll put forth a valiant effort to clarify what it is, what it may mean for the manner in which you maintain your business, and whether there’s anything you can do to get yourself off the rundown. 

We’ve done top to bottom examinations on each and unquestionably suggest them. 

What Is The MATCH List? 

You may have effectively seen that this scandalous “list” passes a few names: 

  • Ended Merchant File (TMF) 
  • MATCH (Member Alert to Control High-Risk). 

Previously, “Ended Merchant File (TMF)” was the default term utilized by everybody, except now it has been supplanted by “MATCH.” In this article, we will call the rundown “MATCH,” however recall that the two of them practically mean something very similar. We will utilize the words “rundown” and “document” conversely also. 

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The Mastercard MATCH List 

MATCH is a framework made and overseen by Mastercard. It is a data set that houses data about organizations (and their proprietors) whose Visa handling advantages have been ended for a bunch of unmistakable reasons. (We’ll talk about this rundown of nitty gritty reasons in another part underneath.) 

The Mastercard Match List is utilized by procuring banks to screen expected candidates (especially to check whether that candidate has been ended before). They do this to evaluate and control the danger related with charge card handling. Basically, the MATCH record resembles a “boycott” that banks cross-check when they take on another trader so they can try not to be left with the rotten ones. 

Notwithstanding Mastercard itself, gaining banks can add/eliminate vendors to/from the MATCH information base when they have support to do as such. Indeed, just the gaining bank who put you on the rundown has the ability to eliminate you from the rundown. (Mastercard can eliminate shippers from the rundown as well, however they for the most part will not arrange with dealers straightforwardly.) 

The most serious issue with the MATCH list–for traders in any case is that, at any rate previously, Mastercard did almost no to check the precision of the data announced by the procuring banks. Truth be told, there used to be a notice in Section 11 of Mastercard’s Security Rules and Procedures that Mastercard didn’t confirm the exactness of the data gaining banks put on the MATCH list. 

As should be obvious, this implies that the acquirers keep on having what is for all intents and purposes full watchfulness in concluding whom to add to the rundown. It’s a framework with no balanced governance, which can be ready for misuse, regardless of whether accidental.

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