How to Check PNR Status of Your Vistadome Train Ticket

Check Vistadome PNR Status

PNR is considered to be an essential number for a train ticket. PNR number or a PNR code is an electronic detail consisting of letters and numbers provided after booking train tickets. The full form of PNR is Passenger Name Record and is used as a booking code needed to get details regarding the status of the train tickets.

The PNR number helps passengers to get knowledge of the status of the train ticket online. You can check PNR status of the Vistadome train quite easily on the website of the IRCTC or through RailMitra App. Read on to find how you can check the PNR status of a Vistadome train ticket.

Vistadome Trains

Vistadome trains are introduced by Indian Railways for the promotion of tourism through railways. The trains help in connecting the beautiful tourist destinations across India. The modernized features of the train are meant to provide comfort to the people traveling and their ease.

The first Vistadome coach was introduced by Indian Railways over the Jan Shatabdi Express on the route from Mumbai to Goa in the year 2017 for providing the passengers with a view of the Western Ghats.

The Vistadome Trains Routes are given below:

  • Pune- Mumbai Deccan Express
  • Yesvantpur- Mangaluru Junction
  • Visakhapatnam- Araku Valley
  • Mumbai Dadar- Madgaon
  • Kalka- Shimla Railway


Booking Tickets for Vistadome Trains

The tickets can be booked on the IRCTC website. Firstly, log in by entering the username and password of the passenger on the official website of Indian Railways, and then enter the captcha in the indicated column.

Enter both the destination and the arrival station, along with the category and the date of the journey.

However, for booking the Vistadome coaches exclusively, select the Executive Chair or the AC Chair Car only and deselect the other classes.

After making the selection, the details of the fare can be seen.

To book the tickets, simply tap on the ‘Book Now’ button under the availability option.

In the next pages, the details of the passenger can be seen, along with the options of payment and the booking reviews.

After booking, it is important to perform a PNR status check to stay well briefed about your train ride and the current status of your ticket (RAC, Waitlist, Confirmed). For this, you can PNR check online or through SMS.

Future Plan of Indian Railways with Vistadome Coaches

With the aim of making the experiences of trains more comforting, the funds shall be provided for the manufacture of the Vistadome Linke Hofmann Busch coaches of the railway in India. This led to the fact that no compromise shall be made with the view of the window as well as comfort and luxury in the trains.

Additionally, the Indian Railways will also introduce the Automatic Train Protection System that is developed indigenously. It is considered to be advantageous for the trains operating at the higher number density and the routes of the rail that are used on a frequent basis. The automatic system of protection shall also help in the minimization of the possible collisions of the trains and the errors made by humans on the go.

The government is also be looking forward to working upon the NRP (National Rail Plan) 2030 and is under expectations for making the Indian Railways ready for the future. The significant goals of the NRP 2030 are for building the potential infrastructure of the railways, along with the reduction of the costs of logistics for the industry, as well as helping the largest network of railways move in the forward direction.

Recent Changes by Railway Board

The Indian Railways are currently undergoing certain up-gradation in terms of trains, stations as well as booking platforms developed by the IRCTC. According to reports, it has also come up with fresh codes of booking for people traveling through trains.

By introducing some new coaches like Vistadome that has been earning massive popularity amongst the travelers, the Indian Railways has now made some decisions regarding the modifications of booking codes that include the capitalized abbreviations that are under usage by the passengers while a ticket is being booked. The specific codes are considered to be representing different coaches available in the network of Indian Railways.

Why Checking PNR Status of Vistadome Train Ticket is Important?

With a PNR number, travelers have the option of checking the current status of the ticket, like whether it is confirmed or still on the waiting list. After getting the confirmation, the passengers can be worry-free and head towards their journey cool-headed.

You can also check PNR Status to recall your coach number, seat number, Train number, the total number of passengers and other information about your journey. In short, it makes you informed with all the details required to travel by Vistadome train.

The major reason behind the Vistadome PNR Check is to make the train travel comfortable and pleasant for tourist commuters.

Vistadome PNR Check Online Through RailMitra

Steps to Check Vistadome PNR Status

RailMitra is your travel partner that will help you to check the PNR status of Vistadome tickets. It is a one-stop destination for the passengers of Indian Railways helping with solutions for queries related to trains and Indian Railways. It also provides the facility of ordering food online on the train.

The accurate status of the PNR for Vistadome coaches can be checked online through RailMitra App, along with getting a prediction of the train ticket if it is on the waiting list. The interface powered by the artificial intelligence of the RailMitra returns outcomes with a higher amount of accuracy regarding the online inquiry of the PNR status.

The first step to an online PNR check is to go to the website or app and enter the PNR number on the specified box. The second stage is pressing the search button to get the latest status of your PNR and train seat.

Vistadome PNR Check through SMS

You can check PNR status by SMS in the below-mentioned way:

SMS “PNR <10-digit PNR number>” to 139

For example, if your 10-digit PNR number is 1234567890, then write:

PNR 1234567890


Winding Up!

Passengers can check their PNR status of the Vistadome train tickets online or by SMS. The RailMitra app is the perfect travel partner that helps you in checking PNR status hassle-free and fast. So, get ready to discover the magical and unique experience of the Vistadome train!

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