How to Check the Battery Health on Your OnePlus Phone

When it comes to talking about the health of your smartphone’s battery, several factors can influence the durability of your device battery. Adjusting the screen luminance and volume can actually influence the battery life significantly. Do you play video games on your smartphone round the clock? Are you a movie or YouTube addict and watch movies on your device? Have you recently installed an update that is causing your device to act up? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then it can affect the battery life of your phone. You have to check the battery health of your device in order to fix the items that are persistently overpowering your battery.

Do you own an OnePlus smartphone and wish to check the battery health? If yes, then you have come to the right place.  In this article, we are about to teach you a simple way to check battery health on OnePlus.

Why Your OnePlus Phone’s Battery isn’t Lasting Long?

As we have discussed above that several factors could affect your phone’s battery life, such as software related issues. However, your phone might also have lousy hardware which is causing the battery to run out fast. For example, the battery might not be able to hold the maximum charge because of some issue in the battery itself.

Your OnePlus smartphone is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that commonly has a specified amount of charge it can sustain before getting weak. Whenever your phone battery is charged from 0% to 100%, the battery loses a charging cycle. Once a charging cycle completes, the 4000mAH battery becomes a little weaker. With tons of charging cycles, the battery might become very weak to even work as a 2000mAh battery. This happens with all lithium-ion batteries and even on your OnePlus.

So if your phone has completed tons of charging cycles and you feel that the battery is not enough to give you a decent backup, then it might be time to replace it. The best way to tell whether you should replace your OnePlus battery is by checking the battery health.

How to Check Battery Health of an OnePlus Phone?

Follow the instructions mentioned down here to tell whether your device battery’s health is good or has gone bad:

  1. First and foremost, download and install the OnePlus Diagnostic app.
  2. Now open the downloaded application on your OnePlus device.
  3. In the Battery Capacity section, hit the option saying “View Battery Status.”
  4. Next, underneath the “Battery State” option, it would tell you the max charge of your device.

If it looks good and healthy, then it means your phone battery is still perfect and only requires little tweaks. However, if the battery health appears to be seriously weak, then you are smart enough to tell that you need a new battery.

If your device battery appears to be at Serious Loss, then it means your phone battery would run out rapidly. You will have to plug your phone too frequently charging in a day to keep going if the battery has become weak.

In case your phone’s battery has gone bad, you still have a few methods to think about. Always carrying a power bank along with your phone can keep your phone’s battery full even if you are outside. You can think about having your phone’s battery replaced. The cost of OnePlus’s battery replacement would depend on which service centre you use and what model you possess.

You may also think about buying a new OnePlus smartphone and getting your existing one exchanged from an authorized seller. However, it could be way too costly if your phone is not that old. It would be a lot beneficial to invest in a new battery rather than buying a brand new device.

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Source: How to Check the Battery Health on Your OnePlus Phone

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