How to Check Train Running Status of Premium IRCTC Trains?

How to Check Train Running Status of Premium IRCTC TrainsPremium trains are popular because of their speed, efficiency, direct routes, and ability to travel great distances in less time. The Indian Railways currently operates more than 140 trains that cover this segment. The IRCTC premium trains include the Rajdhani Express, Duronto Express, Tejas Express, Shatabdi Express, Hamsafar Express, Gatimaan Express, Sampark Kranti Express and Tejas Express.

So, are you travelling or making plans to travel on any of these premium trains? If yes, then you must be thinking about how you will check these trains’ live train status. The answer is very simple. You will check the train status using the where is my train app, RailMitra. If you want to know how to check the IRCTC train running status of any premium trains using RailMitra, read this entire blog.

RailMitra: The Best Where Is My Train App to Track Train

Now, checking the train running status of Premium Trains online is easy and time-efficient. You can inquire about the IRCTC live train status of trains like Shatabdi Express, Duronto Express and Rajdhani Express using the RailMitra app in just a few seconds.

The details of the present location of the railway, latest departed station, projected arrival or departure time at a station, or delays are provided by the where is my train app. The live train status tool of RailMitra allows you to track your train’s current location at any time along the way. In real-time, you may also find out how long the train is running late. You may check whether your train is on time or if there are any delays in the scheduled train timetable.

Train Running Status of Premium IRCTC Trains

Passengers no longer have to stand in long lines at railway stations to enquire at the desk about the live status train of any premium category IRCTC trains. Instead, they can just check the live status of the train on the RailMitra app. Moreover, individuals may enquire about the live status of their train using the where is my train app with only a few clicks. With the Indian Railways’ embracing of technology, there has been a continual effort to make travel services faster and easier.

Checking railway itineraries and train status via apps is intuitive and quick, saving passengers or travellers time and effort. RailMitra is an all-in-one software for checking all Indian railway services in real-time. It is integrated with Google Maps, allowing passengers to check the current train running status live map and obtain information in seconds.

You’ll need internet access on your smartphone to check the train running status. Follow these easy steps to get started:

Step 1: Download where is my train app.
Step 2: Select “Train Live Status” from the drop-down menu.
Step 3: Type in your train’s identification name or number.
Step 4: Click “Check Live Status” after selecting the date.

The current location of the train is shown on your screen.

Why Should I Check the Status of a Premium IRCTC Train Online?

The train’s running status frequently changes because of some delay or halt. Rather than racing to the busy railway station helpdesk, you may now easily make a train inquiry on your phone via an app or the RailMitra website.

With the help of the live status train, you can simply locate your train and find out when it will arrive and depart. You should check the updates frequently before boarding the train and as the train’s arrival time approaches since this will assist you in locating your train and planning accordingly.

What Role Does the Train Running Status Play in Determining the Next Station?

Indian Railways is indeed the world’s fourth-largest train network. Indian Railways frequently adds new stations to its network and implements new technology. Many free e-services have been launched by our railways. Anyone with a smartphone can check the status of the train and get a list of trains. Both offline and online versions of these services are accessible.

The line at PRS counters, including railway enquiry desks, has shortened in recent years. Passengers book their tickets online and then queue in line at the PRS counters for long periods.

Indian Railways has begun a tremendous push to automate and improve the comfort of journeys. One of the better decisions made by railways was to move toward digitisation. Passengers no longer have to wait for lengthier periods if their scheduled train is delayed. Passengers can see the list of approaching stations to their destination using the Live Train Status function. They don’t have to squander time in front of their enquiry desk. They can check the status of their train and make plans accordingly. They can maintain track of their trains’ movements and get the actual location of their train at any time. If their train runs late, they can reschedule their journey with another train.

Passengers can also access information like the last reported station, the distance travelled, the timeframe of the delay, the expected timing, the predicted arrival time, a list of en-route terminals, and the expected platform number using the Live Train Running Status.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, RailMitra is considered one of the best where is my train app for premium IRCTC trains. When passengers check the status of their train, it connects to the train’s GPS and displays the train’s exact location. You can use any railway-related app that has this capability to find your train. However, only a few apps are reliable and give real-time information, such as your train’s exact location.

Passengers can get easily spot IRCTC train from this trusted RailMitra app.

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