How to check your Heavy Construction Equipment?

Regardless of the brand of the heavy equipment you run, end-of-day inspections and maintenance are key to help ensure machines run properly the next day. These machines can be purchased on rent that’s why you have to ensure the conditions when you return them. Most days it only takes a few minutes and the savings to your company could be fairly substantial.

Either it is earth rammer for rent or you got electric scissor lift for rent, you have to ensure their running conditions. In this blog, we will give you guidance on how to check and maintain this construction equipment at the end of each shift.

Top off the fuel


When you mix hot fuel with cool air you end up with small amounts of water — and water in a fuel tank eventually leads to expensive downtime. At the end of a shift, always fill up your fuel tank. You’ll help eliminate condensation from forming in the tank, plus you’ll be ready to get to work first thing the next day. There are ride-on rollers for rent available for your construction tasks but you have to maintain them for cost-efficient construction.

Refill the DEF tank

Diesel exhaust fluid doesn’t get hot like fuel, so you don’t have to worry about condensation, but it’s worth it to properly top off the DEF while you’re filling up the fuel tank. Just be sure not to confuse the fill holes.


Lower hydraulic implements to the ground

Before you exit the cab, make sure booms and buckets are lowered to the ground. It’s an important safety factor while parking the machine to ensure no one walks under an unsupported hydraulic system. It also allows you to properly check the hydraulic oil at the end of your shift, as well as the next day.

Let your machine idle for at least two minutes before shutting down

This will allow the turbocharger to cool down. A one-off hot shutdown isn’t likely to cause catastrophic damage, but if the practice becomes a habit, it can result in a blown turbocharger or irreparable damage to the engine.

When exiting the machine, use three points of contact

A lot of injuries tend to be around slips, trips, and falls getting on and off machines. Always have safety top of mind, even when you’re at the end of your shift.

Perform a quick machine walkaround

Check out the tires or tracks to make sure there’s nothing in them and no excessive damage. If you’re running tracks and they’re full of mud, clean them out to prevent unnecessary wear and tear the next morning. This is especially critical if you’re working in wintertime — frozen mud in tracks can end up costing thousands in repairs. You’ll also want to check the hydraulics on the machine to ensure nothing is leaking. If there is a leak, you can have your nightshift mechanic take care of it before you return the next day.

Remember these machines are on rent and you have to take care of them for easy return and cost-saving. We also provide walk-behind roller rental services and ride-on rollers for rent.

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