How To Choose A Cutting Table for Roller Blinds?

Roller blind isn’t an unfamiliar item to many households. Instead, it is necessary when sunlight needs to be blocked or maintaining security is the utmost priority. Moreover, as the name suggests, blinds are a piece of fabric that covers the window and blocks direct sunlight or artificial light to come inside. Many people also use to block the vision of people peeking inside the house for safety reasons.

Setting a business out of roller blinds making

Depending upon its applications, roller blinds are one of the essential items in households. So, if you are planning to establish a business out of it, then go ahead. But, indulgence in the production of roller blinds will require investment in types of machinery, including cutting table for roller blinds, quality control machines, automatic positioners with saw for aluminum cutting, etc.

At present, many companies are producing versatile equipment that is complete solutions for all the production needs. It is like a machine working as a one-man-army for the entire core task. But, you need to explore the market and research a lot about the companies and their products to make the right purchase. In case you need some help, you are on the right page. Stay tuned to learn about the right selection of cutting table for roller blinds. 

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Tips for choosing the right cutting table for roller blinds

  • Choosing the correct cutting width

Most of the roller blinds materials come in width 2,7 m wide. That is why it is important to choose correct blinds table with sufficient cutting width. Some manufacturers in the USA use cutting tables with 4m or more cut width.

  • Ultrasonic cutting, cold cutting, crush cut or all in one?

For materials with more than 50% of plastic inside one should use ultrasonic knife to ensure good finish of the cut. Ultrasonic knife prevents fraying of the material. Cold cut knife means the cutting of the rotary blade. Usually  in this case the blade rotates at a high speed touching the hardened counter-blade to ensure scissor-like effect and very good cut finish. The disadvantage of this cutting knife is that it may cause fraying of the synthetic materials, same way as scissors would. Crush cut works on a similar principle as the cold cutting knife except the blade in this case is dull. This dull blade moves along a fixed axis and with the use of compressed air presses against the hardened steel rail. When the fabric is placed between the dull blade and the steel plate the knife crushes the material sealing the edge.

  • Must be an innovative solution

The table must be equipped with an automatic or semi-automatic cut system where blade rotation speed can be easily adjusted with the help of a touch panel or buttons.

  • Perfect fit to the volume of production

The machine should be capable of handling the production volume as required by your business. It must fit the volume and level of your production demands. Thus, you should review the machine and its auxiliary equipment nicely according to your business needs.

  • Be a versatile option for multiple tasks

There are several options for cutting table for roller blinds are also available in the market. Ideally, one machine is capable of handling and supporting various other stages of production. It could help you set the right dimension, help quality control and precision cutting, etc.

  • Allows proper adjustment and clamping

The machine should have a spacious or massive table for proper expansion of fabric. It must have proper adjustment and clamping pressure so that the fabric does not slip while cutting. A good quality cutting table for roller blinds must have a pneumatic fabric clamp at both sides for a better grasp. Unless the blade cuts very close to the cutting edge. In some cases the manual clamp may be sufficient as well.

  • Touch panel must support various languages

The machine may come with a touch screen with intuitive and easy-to-operate controls. It should also support multiple languages for the ease of factory workers who could be native speakers. The cutting table for roller blinds made by RexelPoland supports four different languages, including Russian, French, English, and Polish.

  • Must be safe while working with

The machine should come with safety measures like emergency switches and an anti-collision system for detecting objects when the clamp is open. Maintaining industrial level security is indeed an important aspect, and the machine promotes it by all means.

  • Immediate customer and training support 

Last but not least, the manufacturer of the cutting table for roller blinds must provide immediate customer support for any kind of issue that arrived during the functioning. The company should be easily accessible through chat or call. Also, the machine manufacturer must provide training for the run and maintenance of the machine after the purchase.

How to place an order with the machine manufacturer?

Well, if you have decided on the product to purchase out of the company catalog, you can send a request to the company about that machine through their website.

In the case you liked the cutting table for roller blinds from the RexelPoland, do as suggested. You can send the request to the contact details mentioned on their website. They will contact you with the quotation.

 Instead, you can also choose to write an email with product code or initials. The executives will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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