How to choose a diamond pendant?

Diamonds are a famous feature of the pendant, but choosing this kind of jewelry is not as simple as it looks like. Pendants can be called as decorative elements which have no special necessities, matching earrings or ring. Moreover, diamond pendant set is simple to choose a present. Let’s take a look at some of the essential points that are must to keep in mind while next time you shop for a diamond.

Selecting the diamond pendant shape

One of the first things to decide is the shape of the pendant that you are looking for. Obviously, this isn’t up to your personal taste but you must be aware of how your choice of shape impacts other characteristics of diamond pendant set.

The shape of it usually determines the cut of the center diamond which is inserted in it and the choice is greatly affected by the cut of the stone. Generally, the setting should be appropriate for it and hold the diamond securely in place.

Whatever the shape of a stone is, make sure that the setting is suitable for it and protects the vulnerable part of diamond chain pendants.

How to choose a metal for a diamond pendant?

The metal choices are up to your personal preferences, but always remember that not all the metals are made equal with regards to durability. So, if you are looking for a setting that doesn’t wear out easily, either choose an American diamond pendant set made from the durable metals or if you prefer yellow gold, go with the lower carat.

How to decide on a setting of the diamond pendant?

Some kinds of settings leave more of the visible stone and they are a perfect choice if you want to show off what you are wearing. If you go with the prong setting, it is recommended to get it inspected on a regular basis for worn-out prongs so that you reduce the risk of your stone falling out of the setting. The bezel setting for a diamond solitaire pendant is the better choice for the people who are more concerned about safety.

It is recommended to examine a number of different pendant set models and make a choice of setting on a case by case basis.


Make sure to consider your budget on the latest diamond pendant sets when deciding size. Depending on the model, a huge pendant might entail bigger diamonds.

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