How to choose a great career coach

Whenever you feel stuck, confused and unsure about your next move, remember to take the help of a professional for your career path and goals. With the help of the Motivational Speaker And Life Coach session, you will get clarity and confidence at work and the next action plan.

Everyone in their life wants to improve their career in some way, whether that’s by changing careers, advancing in their career, leaving the corporate world or simply finding more work-life balance. That’s where a career coach can have a profound impact. It is an investment that involves your money, time in energy. Many people reported positive changes in areas including interpersonal skills, work performance and team effectiveness. Many factors come into play when selecting the best Career Coach Packages for you, let’s further discuss them.

1: Strong coaching training and experience

Never look for how many years they have been coaching, better to ask about the number of one on one coaching hours they have completed. It takes about 10000 hours to reach a level of mastery. Also enquiry about the coaching certifications they have, as these can help distinguish those with formal training who rely solely on their previous business experience.

2: Look for a personality match

Skills, certification and experience are important things to consider when choosing the right career coach for you. At the same time, finding a coach whose personality best complement your own is also important. Some people may be looking for a counsellor whose approach is direct and concise others may for something else. Whatever your personal preference, a career coaches should be positive, realistic, knowledgeable and able to give actionable advice.

3: Managing your own expectations

If you find yourself stuck somewhere, your coach can help you get unstuck and find the answers that are right for you. A coach is always there to help you stay on track with your goals, explore options and handle different elements of job search including rejection. But expecting to go through a thought process to workout words important to you, a coach won’t tell you what job to do.

4: Charges and services

Some career coaches charge in a variety of ways, by the hour, per session, monthly and some offer full Career Coaching Packages that include reworking a resume, LinkedIn profile and covered letters while others offer each of those services a-la-carte. So ask a lot of questions and be sure the coach is there about what you’ll get for your money.

Hence, your coach is a key partner in the process, you must assume responsibility for your own success. Your coach is there to offer guidance, strategies, helpful drills and accountability. But ultimately you have to run with the ball and carry it triumphantly into the end zone.

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