How to Choose a High-pressure Oilpump for Your Truck

To drive a truck smoothly for hours, a perfect high-pressure oil pump is essential. It is positioned under the oil pan and uses high pressure to pass oil to various engine parts that can’t function independently. When you google “turbo and diesel injection store near me,” you get to learn the places to buy high-pressure pumps. But how to find the right oil pump for your truck?

Consider the following factors:

Pump Components

You should learn the different components of a high-pressure oil pump and their functionalities to identify and fix issues. So, never go for a 7.3 high-pressure oil pump just because someone asked you to do so. You must be able to operate it easily to fulfill your needs.

The pump comprises valves, sprung piston, cylinder, housing, shaft, gear, swashplate plug, collar, and tubing. To clean and maintain it properly, you need to know the parts’ placement. Check hoses frequently as the leakage restricts the oil passage via the pump, leading to severe engine damage.

Oil Level Quality

The effectiveness of a high-pressure oil pump is largely dependent on the oil level quality. Assess the oil level every day or once a month. When assessing the oil level, examine the clarity.

Remember, diesel oil is a bit dark. Once you see or smell dark-colored gasoline or grit on the rag, you should replace the oil and examine the filter. In case the oil is not contaminated, but there are issues, examine the valves and storage. On examination, you can find accumulated tough debris on the valve plate that you can clean using a vacuum and flat-head screwdriver.


The high-pressure pump makes sure the engine performs impeccably, but all oils are not similar. For instance, if a 7.3 high-pressure oil pump uses substandard oil with several additives, it adversely affects your engine for a long time. Before investing in oil next time, go for the option of exclusively formulated for such pumps.


Examine the pump, clean all dirt and then change the oil. You should reexamine the pump to make sure if the pump causes any performance issues.


You need to assess and fix engine issues on time to prevent the worsening of such problems and prevent critical outcomes in the future. When checking an engine, start it on the accelerator repeatedly and hear weird noises. To examine if the oil pump is functioning well, check the intake valve and engine operations. You need to check if there is an oil film.

Whenever there are engine issues, any other part can be responsible for the same. Conduct an analytics test on the engine focussed on fuel injection framework or turbochargers as they deteriorate the power.

The Bottom Line

It can be expensive and tough to maintain the performance of your high-pressure pump. But if you choose the right option, you can save yourself from any other expenses in the future. So, you will have to choose the perfect pressure oil pump for your truck.

Consider the factors mentioned above and make the right decision. All the best!

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