How to Choose a Kegel Exercise that Works Efficiently

Whether you are looking for the best ways for tightening your vagina or remedies for incontinence, Kegel exercises will always come into play. They are a variety of options that you can choose to help you with exercising the pelvic floor area and muscles. You can choose ELITONE today and get the right help in choosing what Kegel exercise will work efficiently for your body.


ELITONE is an externally worn device that does Kegels for you. The device works by sending electrical stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles, which provides comfortable and effective pelvic floor therapy. You can buy the device today and enjoy significant improvement for your vaginal laxity, stress incontinence, and a weak bladder.

Get Help Choosing a Kegels Exerciser

Have you heard someone mention a Kegels exercise,but you were left hanging and too embarassed to ask what it is? If you have an underlying incontinence issue, you can use such devices for exercising and toning your pelvic floor area and muscles. If you choose ELITONE, an FDA-cleared device, you can enjoy amazing results without the need for internal insertions or surgery.

There are also other devices and options available. This includes the following ones:

  • Kegel Weights: These include Kegel cones, Kegel balls, jade eggs, Ben Wa balls, and Yoni eggs. Inserting the weights into the vagina can help with building pelvic floor muscle
  • Kegel Trainers:Some available brands include Elvie, kGoal,Kegel Smart, and Peri Coach. They help with measuring the strength of Kegels device by using biofeedback
  • Magnetic Chairs: The brands include BTL Emsella and involve sitting on a chair and letting a magnetic field pass through to the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Vaginal Stimulation: For vaginal stimulation, some brands available are Kegel8, Apex, Attain, Yarlap, Liberty, and Leva

Choose an Efficient Kegel Device Today

Your search for the best Kegel exerciser is finally over. Choose one of the above for better results. You can also buy ELITONE from the online store at




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