How to Choose a Keyless Door Lock

Choosing a keyless door lock can be a tedious and confusing task, especially if you’re not familiar with that kind of lock at all. This article is going to set the foundation for you to make an educated decision when it comes to choosing your keyless locks. So get out of your chair, pick up your cup of coffee, and take a deep breath as we walk you through the process!

This is a very common question: What is the best keyless door lock?

To start off, it’s important to understand that there’s no such thing as a universal best keyless lock. For example, some locks are more secure than others; some are only good for high-impact conditions, while others are designed to protect against tampering. A deadbolt with an inside knob can resist picking and drilling attacks. Likewise, a cylinder can resist attempts at picking – if you know how to pick or drill it. And for this reason alone, buying just about any type of lock is going to be a gamble.

Schlage BE365 Camelot Residential Push Button Keypad Deadbolt: You shouldn’t judge a lock by its generic appearance, so we’ll introduce you to the keyless door locks that we recommend. The Schlage BE365 is one of our top picks for a deadbolt with a push button. This lock is very secure if you’re looking for quality as well as security. It’s built to resist a variety of attacks and will protect your home for quite some time.

Alarm Lock DL2700 Trilogy Push Button Keypad Lock: The DL2700 from Alarm Lock is our top pick for a keyless door lock that has an outside handle. It relies on the deadbolt to defend against picking and drilling attacks, and it’s definitely up for the challenge. You can even expect it to resist attempts to open the lock using tools or physically through brute force. However, this lock isn’t going to prevent unauthorized access; it’s primarily designed to make you aware of those that try. This is a great choice for people who aren’t looking for high security – especially if they don’t have a lot of money on hand or would like something more advanced than your standard keyless deadbolt.

Yale NTM610-NR NexTouch Push Button Sectional Mortise Lock: The NexTouch from Yale is another of the deadbolt locks with a push button and an outside handle. This lock is secure, and it’s one of the best choices for above-average protection. This lock is mainly designed to protect against physical attacks – either those that use a tool designed to pick, or those that try to jam the door open with their bodies. While just like other locks this lock isn’t completely temper proof, we’ve never had any issues with this lock – so don’t worry too much about drilling attacks!

Schlage BE375 Century Residential Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt: The Schlage BE375 is our best pick for a keyless deadbolt. While this lock is secure as most, it’s also a great lock to use – especially if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend too much money on security. This lock is perfect against attacks, and it has an advanced sensor. This also gives you the peace of mind that your home is protected against high-impact attacks.

Keyless door locks are a relatively recent invention, but their prevalence is increasing. They are rapidly replacing traditional keyed locks on homes and businesses in North America. However, these new locks can seem quite complicated, especially for folks who are unfamiliar with them. If you want to choose the best keyless lock for your needs, visit Park Avenue Locks to see a wide range of branded door hardware and locksets.

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