How to Choose a Paint to Paint a Metal Door?

Why can’t you choose regular paint?
Metal doors are usually placed at the entrance to an apartment, office or staircase. In the latter case, the coating should be aesthetic, resistant to dirt, moisture and temperature extremes. If the door does not “look” directly to the street, the requirements for the strength of the coating can be slightly reduced, but it is still better to choose the product with the expectation of a long service life.

What does the market offer?
Coloring materials for metal can be divided into groups according to different criteria. For instance:

water, nitro or oil based;
liquid and powder;
affordable or high-end, and so on.
Let’s compare some of the most popular types.

When should you choose oil paint?
Several decades ago, not a single repair did without oil paint in our country, because there was practically nothing to replace it with! To this day, this linseed-based material is popular, and it is used especially often for painting metal products. Pros:

very low price;
ease of application;
high degree of adhesion to the surface;
coating strength, abrasion resistance;
waterproof, anti-corrosion properties.
The oil-painted metal entrance door will shine like new. The coating will last 3-5 years if it is not exposed to weather conditions such as frost and summer heat. Lacking elasticity, the hardened layer will quickly begin to crack due to temperature changes, peel off and leave the surface. Re-painting will require preliminary removal of the old layer of material, and removing oil paint from iron is not an easy task.

Conclusion: if the repair proceeds in the economy mode, and the front door on the staircase requires painting, then the oil-based product will do a good job.

There are also disadvantages:

the coating dries for a long time (two days);
the composition smells very harsh and unpleasant;
the substances released into the air are toxic, so the room must be thoroughly ventilated, and work in a protective mask;
over time, the coating fades and turns yellow.
The color scheme of oil paints is not very diverse, but if there is no need to implement a complex design solution, then you can choose a shade.

Is alkyd really bad?
The possibilities of this material are wider than those described above. Alkyd paints are suitable for interior and exterior doors. Working with this material on metal is a very practical solution, as it excellently protects the surface from rust. Other pluses:

brightness and saturation of shades;
to choose from: matte or gloss;
high resistance to mechanical damage, fluctuations in temperature and humidity;
fast drying.
Alkyd paints do not shrink, do not crack, the coating does not lose its fresh shine and brightness for several years, even on the street. Among the disadvantages is fire hazard. The material is flammable.

Does any acrylic paint work?
It is located in the middle price segment and is considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials. Acrylic paints are usually presented in the form of aqueous dispersions with various additives that impart specific properties to the coating.

It is possible to paint an iron door with an acrylic compound, and it can be an entrance from the street or from a staircase. On the packaging with the material, manufacturers put a mark “for outdoor use” or “for indoor”. Water-dispersion acrylic paint, dries, forms a strong film on the metal surface that is resistant to external influences. Today, you can even find an anti-vandal acrylic-based coating on the shelves. It is it that is often used when working outdoors.


the material practically does not smell;
the coating dries quickly;
the product is easy to apply;
the painted surface becomes resistant to moisture, temperature extremes;
the color remains even under the influence of ultraviolet radiation;
the coating does not crack. Due to the water base, acrylic paint belongs to the category of fireproof materials, therefore it is widely used for painting doors indoors.

Why are most doors painted with hammer paint?
The material is of excellent quality, allows you to get a coating of increased strength Painting metal doors with hammer paint is an option for a durable finish, and the product will look very decorative and elegant. The peculiarity of this material is that after drying, a pattern is formed on the surface that imitates the blows of a blacksmith’s hammer.

It is possible to choose a shade for gold, silver or other metal. They also produce hammer paints with a shagreen effect, which is very convenient if there are small defects on the surface of the iron door (scratches, dents); these shortcomings can be easily masked.

An indisputable advantage is a powerful anti-corrosion effect. Hammer paint can be applied directly to rust without cleaning or priming the door. It is enough just to remove the accumulated dirt and degrease the surface. Still:

the coating will withstand even hammer blows;
moisture, cold and heat are not afraid of him;
service life exceeds 10 years.
The only drawback of the material can be considered a rather high cost, but if finances allow, then the costs will be justified by the excellent quality.

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