How to Choose a Quality Nail Salon

There are several varieties of nail extensions you could buy. The most well-known include Acrylics, Hard Gel, Dip Powder, Acrygel/ Polygel Express Nails/GelX, BIAB, Fiber Glass and Silk Wrap.

Maintaining nail art extensions is recommended every two weeks because of the speed of natural growth of the nail.

Liquid and Powder Enhancement
Acrylic is one of the most ancient and widely used method to extend in the UK. The system is comprised of liquid and powder commonly referred to as polymer and monomer. The nail technician dips the brush into the liquid, then dips it into the powder. This results in a small amount of powder that is used to construct your nail. It is able to dry on its own and doesn’t require a UV/LED lamp.

The extension of the nail can be fabricated over the forms (sculpting) as well as on a preformed plastic nail tip.

The powder of acrylic is a vibrant color, which means nail designs is easy to create using the acrylic.

The liquid portion contains a strong, particular smell, so it is advised to use the system in salons with good ventilation. Therefore, it is not the first choice for professional nail technicians who travel.

There is a possibility to obtain an odourless polymer, however it will alter how it is used and a UV/LED lamp is required to cure the product.

It is simple to recognize nail extensions created using acrylic. The most well-known designs include the french smile, ombre nails lines marble, encapsulated glitter and transparent extension. It’s also a popular product to create 3D forms.

The typical acrylic artist creates extremely long nails. Longer the nails, the more thick it must be. The encapsulation process or 3D designs, deep french smile lines and so on appear best on long nails since these require certain level of thickness. Nail techs cannot make the same effect on a shorter-medium nail since it would look bulky and there won’t be enough space to accommodate an encapsulation blend or gradient,, or Swarovski crystals.

When designing an extension at Top Nail Studio Delhi that is shorter it is possible for the artist to design the extension using Gel Polish applied on top.
The acrylic that is used in salons is deemed to be dangerous due to the fact that it is contaminated with an ingredient known as MMA (Methyl Methacrylate). Make sure the nail technician you choose uses approved acrylic that contains EMA instead of.

MMA acrylic isn’t able to be soaked off using Acetone. Regular acrylic is able to. It is therefore important to avoid contact of acrylic with acetone or other solvents as they can alter the texture and shape that the nails have. So, it isn’t recommended to those who regularly come into contact with detergents, water and other chemicals.

Available in most nail salons


It is strong enough even to make nails that are extra-long

The best option for those who are extremely heavy-handed

The water can be rinsed off

No UV/LED lamp is required.

Many different colours of acrylic powder

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