How to Choose a Roof Rack

Perhaps it’s the perfect day to enjoy a relaxing weekend in the woods, or maybe you’ve planned a road trip across the country to meet up with acquaintances. Whatever the case, you’ll have lots of things to carry and not much space for your truck. Instead of hooking to an trailer or loading up with a hitch-mounted vehicle and then loading it onto your roof to enjoy a smooth journey. Roof cargo is a great option for transport are objects that are heavy enough to fit into your trunk, but not big or heavy enough to warrant towing on a trailer, like bikes and kayaks, luggage and tents, among others.

Find out how to select the Best Roof Rack for Kayak to fit your car and the situation.

Decide what you would like to carry

The objects you plan to place on top of your roofing will become the primary aspect of which roof rack or carrier is ideal to serve your needs. Baggage and other smaller items can be put in a container or basket, while specially designed racks for kayaks, bikes or canoes as well as paddle boards securely keep your leisure items away from your way when you drive.

Find out the capacity for weight of the roof of your car

The roof of your vehicle can only hold the weight of a certain amount, particularly in the case of a vehicle that also has a moon-roof and cross bars and side rails are equipped with the weight rating of their respective. The roof rack’s capacity for load carriers is available in the owner’s manual of your vehicle or online if don’t have one that you have.

Calculate the weight of your largest items

If you are planning to carry two bikes that weigh a lot, and also a whole month worth of clothes and other essentials in a box, you must ensure that the total weight is not more than the car’s maximum weight capacity. Particularly, if you’re planning to carry a variety of items, some thought may be required to ensure that you don’t over load your vehicle. It is possible that two bikes are okay, but your luggage needs to be placed into the trunk.

Check out your car’s current roof configuration.

It is important to understand the style your roof of your car is sporting to make sure you have the right equipment to carry your required objects. Side rails for roofs run from across the sides of a car’s roof. They provide an ideal mounting point for cross bars on the roof and a handy tie down point to secure cargo. Side rails are typically an option that is installed by the factory. In order to ensure safe and secure roof transport it is recommended to include side rails as well as cross bars. Certain vehicles may have crossbars attached to the roof without side rails, but it is extremely rare in the majority of vehicles. It could reduce the roof’s maximum weight capacity.

Check your roof for crossbars

Installing and uninstalling a hitch-mounted cargo vehicle can be an issue, especially when you have to take it off the item to make room for the garage or parking space. It is essential to consider how often you’ll be using it since you could be able put in an accessory like a fold-away hitch adapter that allows you to fold the cargo carrier against your vehicle when you’re not making use of it.

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