How To Choose An Immigration Lawyer

Immigration processes require a lot of paperwork and in most cases it’s manageable on your own. However, it can also be an overwhelming experience and most applications have only one shot at being accepted, therefore it becomes necessary that you have every detail in place. Even a slight overlook might cost you the acceptance, and here is where immigration lawyers can be a real boon. Immigration laws are complex and there are chances that you might face some issues, which if not handled with expertise, can derail your application and lead to visa rejections.

Hiring an Best immigration lawyer Long Island is also a task in itself. You want to get an experienced professional who can give you your best shot. They cannot guarantee you a visa approval but can make the process smoother and hassle free, thereby increasing its chances of success.

Tips to Look for an Immigration Lawyer

Your choice of immigration lawyers can either make or break the situation for you. A good lawyer with ample experience and success rate can help you succeed with the application by guiding and providing relevant information.

Ask for references: Your first point of contact should be family and friends who have had successful visa acceptances. Request them for the reference of their immigration lawyers or anybody they know. Getting a lawyer who is known to the acquaintances makes your search easier.

National Associations: Log into the national association website – American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) – which hosts as members attorneys who practice immigration law. These professionals understand the immigration policies thoroughly and can be a great help. There are even options to search for professionals in your specific area. Although AILA membership is not a requirement, it definitely is a good indicator of the lawyer’s proficiency.

Credentials: It’s very important to have an Immigration Lawyer Nassau with good credentials and success rate. Ensure to check that the lawyer has a license to practice and has a good background and standing. You can find this at a local state bar. Also make sure the professional that you are hiring has never been subject to any disciplinary actions.

Shortlist and Interview: From among the pool of lawyers at your disposal, shortlist the ones you feel strongly about based on the background checks and references. It’s a good idea to interview the potential lawyers you have shortlisted to find the one that suits your needs. Since immigration law is a niche category, select a lawyer who is familiar with the processes and has experience in similar cases like yours. You can also ask the lawyers for references to their past clients and speak to them before making your decision.

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