How To Choose Best POS Machine Suppliers In Dubai?

There are many POS machine suppliers in Dubai, and each offers their take on sales software and hardware that can help your business run better. Consider the following factors when choosing a till system provider.


Any epos system that stores customer data and payment details will be at risk. Ask providers what processes and tools are installed to keep your customer data secure. Your POS system should be compliant with the data security guidelines established by the Payment Card Industry (PCI). Are you looking for something that encrypts payment data and can accept EMV cards?


When the pandemic hit, restaurants started offering delivering service – and the POS became a significant component of making that shift. Search for a partner that offers online ordering, delivery, and other ancillary services as your business scales and grows.


Pricing your till systems in Dubai requires assessing two components. The hardware is a tool as either all-in-POS. A pre-configured unit with additional items. For example, you may get a receipt printer, stand, or card reader. POS suppliers charge card processing fees – a percentage of the total sale plus a nominal fee. Ask your vendor how much fees will be charged per transaction. While considering the cost, it’s critical to factor in payment handling charges as they can far outweigh the subscription cost on hardware and software.


The best till systems options are cloud-based with the goal that your team can see sales data and accept payments on multiple devices through your property. “An additional advantage of cloud-based POS software is that it eliminates the requirement for costly upgrades and reduces security risks traditionally associated with client-server systems”.

Client support:

Check whether your partner has 24/7 support. If there are any technical issues, you want to be able to reach a live person through email, telephone, or live chat.

Ask how the POS system integrates with your existing CMS, PMS, accounting, and more.

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