How to Choose Best Service Provider for ACS Reference Letter?

Applicants to the Australian Computer Society must submit an employment reference letter with their RPL project report. Work experience plays a major role in ACS skills assessment. ACS validates your work experience based on the employment reference letter given by you. Therefore, no matter how much effort you put into preparing a correct RPL report for positive skills assessment from ACS, if your employment reference letter does not meet the ACS standard, your assessment will fail.

A reference letter is something that the owner of the company can know about your potential. A reference letter shows your role and responsibility in the previous company. It shows what you have earned, how you have earned, etc. The ACS reference letter has been issued by your previous HR / Manager on the letter head of the company which contains specific information about the duties you perform and the skills applied to the job.

There are many cases where applicants receive a positive assessment in their RPL project report, but their reference letter is rejected. Some of the major reasons for rejecting your reference letters are:

Unclear dates: – If your employment reference does not clearly indicate the dates of the beginning and end of employment, your employment reference letter will be rejected.

Lack of relevant job description: – At least 65% of the duties detailed in the employment context should be deemed to be closely related to the Enrolled Occupation (ANZSCO). Otherwise, the reference letter will be evaluated as “not suitable due to lack of information”.

Fraud and plagiarism: – Never copy from websites or any other resources. Use them for guideline purposes only and do not try to include information that is not true. ACS uses special plagiarism detection tools to identify plagiarized contents and if they found any traces of plagiarism or fake information in your reference or if the information in your reference could not be verified then your reference will be rejected.

We have professionals who will help applicants prepare full reference letters for submission of ACS and also have the chance to be approved by the authorities. The reference letter prepared by on its own, increasing the chances of approval to ACS so that applicants can migrate to Australia but, it is very important that the skills described in the report meet the standards set in the guidelines. Reference letter preparation requires a lot of experience, in the reference letter you have to show all your previous experiences. Therefore, applicants can always seek RPL report help services from us at a very affordable cost.

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