How to Choose Door Locks For Your Office? A Complete Guide

Do you want to give your office a new look? Are you planning to update some parts of your office to provide a fresh look? You may not pay attention to it, but updating the door locks of your office will give it a stunning look. Pandemic has made people work remotely, and because of this traffic in offices and other commercial establishment has become limited. However, everything is getting back on track, and updating some elements of your office may attract people. Buying a commercial lock is not easy, you need to consider what the trend is to be sure that handles spark the aesthetics of your door. Keep reading this article to know about the latest door locks you can consider before buying.

Handles That Protect Against Viruses

Door locks offer a lot of things nowadays apart from just stunning looks and security. You need to consider some of these elements while choosing the door handles. Do you know door locks provide protection against bacteria? Especially after a pandemic, the feature becomes necessary and you should invest in the door handles that protect against bacterias, viruses, and other pathogens.

People often come in contact with door locks to open the door. Therefore it can be a cause of spreading bacteria that can make you sick. In a commercial building, the chances of spreading the virus are common. The movement you touch your nose, ear, or eyes just after coming in contact with an infected door lock, you are probably welcoming viruses into your body. To avoid the risk of getting sick due to this, you need to limit the transfer of bacteria through your door handles.

If you want something affordable yet luxurious, consider investing in stainless steel door handles. The best thing about these stainless steel locks is you can apply some mirror polish. This will help to maintain the handles’ hygienic level without damaging their quality.

Invest In Smart Door Locks

The trend is smart and investing in smart things is worth investing in. Replacing your commercial door locks with smart locks. You can find door locks that offer fingerprint scanners. Only people who have authorised fingerprints with the door. This can increase the security of your office, and complete safety against theft and other unfortunate incidents. Apart from the fingerprint feature, some locks have smart locking features, which means, controlling your lock via your smartphone.

Personalized Inserts

Customization is trending these days, hence, door locks with custom inserts will boost in coming years. With personalized inserts, you can add any kind of design that you want. You can customize door locks with your company name and logo on them. this will look amazing and directly or indirectly will promote your business too. This will make your office stand out tall among all.

Colours for More Attraction

In this case, you can have a door handle that clashes with the colour of your door.

Colourful door locks are becoming a new trend this year. Designers use colour combinations to complement and contrast with colours. You can have a door lock that complements and contrasts with the colour of your door. As a result, your handle will look unique. If you have your logo on your door handle, the polar colour can easily grab the attention of prospective customers. Commercial door hardware has many more other features to add uniqueness to your doors.

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