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Engagement ring or wedding ring is the most important sign that will embrace an important mark in both of your lives, you and your loved one. To make your moment most special and uniquely perfect, here are some points that you need to consider while buying an engagement ring or a wedding ring for your loved ones, especially in online-to-offline retail.

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  1. Does it suit you? – The most important consideration when choosing an engagement gemstone rings is how it suits your finger. What is meant by that is the distance that you have between your knuckle and your hand, the webbing of your hand. So if you have a longer finger what would suit you would be a long stone like an emerald cut or a marquise-shaped stone, or even a halo style ring so you’ve got more length down the finger. Equally, if you have a shorter finger then you will be considering perhaps a round brilliant or princess cut solitaire or even a trilogy ring that would go across the finger. Your personality plays a big part in this.
  2. Stone – The second consideration you’re going to make is the gemstone that goes in your engagement ring. The most important factor is hardness to consider. That’s why a diamond is a great choice. Equally a sapphire and ruby are very hard stones and could be worn every day. An emerald is also a great choice. It is a brittle and softer stone and will need protection, so the setting will play a part in making sure that it can be worn every day.
  3. Cut and Shape – The next consideration is the cut or the shape of the stone. The most common shapes are round brilliant cuts, princess cuts with a square stone and emerald cut being rectangular. A marquise, an oval-shaped stone, pear-shaped stone, or even a cushion shape, but there are a lot of very unusual shapes of a diamond as well that can be sourced. A well-cut diamond will give a great dispersion of light from the light coming into it and refracting back out. But equally, a poorly cut stone could mean a much bigger diamond, and that could be important to you.
  4. Metal – Next consideration can be the metal that you would like your engagement or wedding ring to be in. Commonly sold rings are in platinum, but equally, in white gold, yellow gold rose gold as well. Platinum’s often chosen because it is a very hard metal. If you’re considering white gold it may be because you have a ring that you want to sit next to or you, it’s a price factor as well. White gold you need to consider the fact that it has this plating on it, the rhodium plating, and that can come off and will wear with time, so that’s a consideration to make. The other thing is the karat of gold. Anything higher than 18 karats is going to be too soft for a ring that’s worn every day. But equally anything less than 50% gold, it’s great to try and step up to that 18 karat gold mark where more than 50% of the ring is made from gold. The final thing is silver rings. Silver will not last long and is a very soft metal.
  5. Certification – Your next choice is going to be whether to choose a certificated or uncertificated diamond. A certificated diamond is where the diamond has been sent to a laboratory and been measured for color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. All of these factors and having a certificate will influence the price of the diamond. So if you’re considering a larger size stone it can often be better to consider a non-certificated diamond from a jeweler that you trust.
  6. How much money should be spent on a ring? – It has been written extensively about this. Whether it should be one month’s salary, two months’ salary, or three months’ salary. That is a personal choice and down to you. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a diamond that will influence its price, the cut, the color, the clarity, the carat weight. The size of the stone will make a big difference but equally all of the other factors will make a big difference as well. It is a ring that you are gonna be wearing for the rest of your life and something that you’re going to admire for many, many years to come.
  7. Time duration – Time scales are a thing to consider when choosing an engagement ring. If you’re going to propose very soon then you need to choose something that’s probably in stock. So something where the ring needs to be altered in size can be done very quickly and is ready for that moment for you. But alternatively, if you’re looking for a bespoke piece designed, or something slightly different from what was in the window then there are several weeks or even months that need to be considered in preparing that perfect piece for you.
  8. Guarantee – Your final consideration will be the real peace of mind you can have with wearing your ring. It’s really important to consider how your ring will be looked after by the retailer. Whether the diamond gets damaged or falls out of the setting, what will happen? And equally what will happen if the setting wears or a finger changes in size? This is such a big, important topic and you need to understand the intricacies of what needs to be covered.

Choosing an engagement ring or wedding ring for your loved one will be the most enjoyable experience you will ever have. We all love being part of the most significant moments in our lives, and that experience of being there and trying on all those different options that you need to consider is a really important next step for you. There are many jewellery manufacturers in india you can look out for the perfect set of rings and jewels. Explore something new and bring out the best in you!


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