How To Choose Perfect Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards On Your Special Day

Muslim wedding cards are uniquely designed to portray the royal essence of the wedding. However, there are few unique factors that one must consider while finalizing a wedding card for a perfect portrayal of love and blessings of almighty. The article supports some of those.

A Muslim wedding card is generally inked to showcase the royalty and smoothness of unique paper quality that is enough to impress every guest invited to your wedding. But before you end up choosing a card, let’s talk about some important factors that might change the entire persona of your invitation.

What to remember while exploring Muslim wedding Invitation Cards


Symbol on a Muslim card plays a significant role in the design. In general, there are three symbols which are essential part of the Muslim wedding invitation cards:

Allah Symbol: This symbol serves the presence of holiness and divinity to bless you on your wedding day. This symbol is generally printed with a belief that the couple with now be united with happiness, respect and love for each other.

Crescent Moon and the Star: This symbol signifies the faith on Allah and couple asking for true blessing on the go for a harmonious marriage.

Paper Quality

A muslin wedding card is known for its finest paper quality. And thus, paper quality is an important discussion while imprinting the royalty of wedding invitation. Silk, satin, handmade, velvet, and metallic paper are the most common yet royal choice of paper material used for the invitation. The vintage and royal appearance is best served on the mentioned paper material dignifying the aesthetic aura of the wedding.

Color Green

Color Green in Islam is a symbol of Paradise and almighty. And thus, Muslins wedding cards imprinted or sprayed with green shades is really meaningful. The blessing of Allah is significant for a couple to start their harmonious life together, and green color in the card clasps the same in an elegant manner.

Vintage Look

Many at times, a wedding invitation on a scroll is enough to if the vintage look of the card. If you are looking for a similar essence, a scrolling invitation along with small add-on cards can be a perfect idea of invitation cards for a Muslim wedding.

Digital Invites

How about you express the same royalty and prosperous essence of the wedding card digitally? You will be amazed with different digital designs and animations that will bring a ‘WOW’ factor in your card. If you are open to explore the digital media, the choices are endless to flourish your wedding invitation on the digital platform.

Author Bio: I wanted to include the symbol of Allah in our Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards. We got the card customized through, and it was highly appreciated by the guests.

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