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PDU is considered to be a device that possesses multiple outlets that are designed for the effective distribution of electric power to the networking equipment or computers specifically within a rack.

There are mainly seven different types of PDUs to choose from. So, it could be a big difficulty to govern which specific PDU is considered to be the best option generally for your rack power design.

To simplify the overall selection process here is given a brief discussion about the different types and also the benefits of each of the PDU.

Basic PDU

It is considered to be a space-saving, dependable, and the affordable way which helps to effectively transport the power to the particular wiring closets, equipment racks and server room from a UPS system, utility wall outlet or generator.

It helps to complement the different aids of a UPS system by the addition of more outlets which are mainly delivered by a UPS. With the help of this, it is possible to convert single high amperage UPS outlet to specifically many low amperage PDU outlets.

Metered PDU

It can contribute to locally monitor the load level. Along with that, it also helps to evade possible overloads with the help of a built-in digital current meter.

This tends to offer rack mount, dependable, three or single phase, multi-outlet power supply from any safe generator, UPS or the mains source of input power.

Monitored PDU

It is somewhat comparable to that of the metered PDU. But, it is some steps ahead of it as it can tenuously screen the or three or single phase real time frequency, voltage, as well as load levels.

This is generally possible with the help of a built-in network connection. Also, the output consumption of current is locally displayed with the help of a visual. It helps to provide warnings related to the potential overloads before overloading of the critical input sources.

Connecting additional equipment to a PDU can generally cause it to overload. It may cause the equipment to fail or the breakers to trip.

So, it is evident that the monitored and metered PDUs helps to display the load levels specifically in real-time. This allows the additional equipment to be safely connected.

Switched PDU

A switched PDU helps to provide the capabilities which are related to remote monitoring, connecting, or disconnecting of your data center loads. It can again locally monitor the load levels.

Not only that, but it also helps to avoid potential overloads with the help of a built-in digital current meter. On the other hand, the unused PDU outlets can be locked off electronically. This helps in the prevention of unauthorized hardware connection.

Dual Circuit PDU

Specifically, some of the IT equipment is designed in such a manner so that, it can accept more than one source of the input power for high availability and redundancy. This dual source of power can contribute to providing independent power sources to the devices with built-in redundant power supplies.

As a result, it can effectively combine the advantages of the two separate high amperages PDUs and for this, you do not have any space requirements, added expense, and management complexity.

Final Words

So, these are considered to be some of the different types of PDU. You should select the best one based on your unique requirements.



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