How to choose the best business hotels in Dubai?

Dubai is paradise for travellers. The Emirate is the crown jewel of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) when it comes to global tourism, drawing thousands of people annually who come for its horde of attractions including some of the biggest and architecturally feted manmade structures, shopping malls, a whole horde of amusement parks, bayside attractions and a lot more. Naturally, Dubai attracts a sizable business crowd every year too, being a major hub for trade and commerce in the Middle East and beyond. The strategic location of the city has naturally scaled up demand for quality hotel accommodation in Dubai as far as global business travelers are concerned. Dubai is the gateway to the UAE and the Middle East while being strategically connected to several global business hubs including a major chunk of the Asian market as well.

These are some of the factors which have spurred increasing footfalls of business travellers in the Emirate. As a result, the best hotels in Dubai receive handsome bookings throughout the year and strive to set the bar higher with top-notch amenities and customer service. For business travellers, it is imperative that they stay in close proximity to major centers of trade, commerce and business. They should look for hotels which are located near commercial hubs and their places of work. In that case, choosing an emerging business location is a good bet. Business travelers should also look for hotels which are well connected to the International Airport for smooth and fast transfers when they land in Dubai. This is one factor that is immensely important and saves a lot of time too. Additionally, travelers will also look for proximity to major shopping and tourist landmarks in order to check them out during their spare time.

Business Bay is one of the best places to find hotels with nice pools and all the business amenities and facilities that you desire. The Gulf Court Hotel Business Bay is a top pick for its strategic location, plethora of business and corporate-friendly amenities and delightful swimming pool where travelers can wash away their hectic work-days and indulge in supreme relaxation. The hotel offers 270 premier rooms and suites in tandem with 6 bars, restaurants and lounges for the best food, beverage and unwinding after hard days at work. There are 5 meeting rooms, private karaoke rooms, facilities for leisure and business travelers alike and a lot more. The Dubai International Airport is only 25 minutes away from the hotel which is also well connected to major commercial districts in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall can also be accessed within just 5 minutes.

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