How to choose the best car loan?

Are you planning to avail of a car loan? Choosing the right car loan is a difficult choice. There are so many banks and financing institutions that offer a car loan to the people. Now, it becomes difficult for the borrower to decide which car loan is the best.

If you also want to know what the criteria should be for deciding the car loan finance, the following are the tips for you that will help you select the right one:


Dedicate some time and effort to do thorough research on various lenders and the car loans they offer. You can consider making a list of various banks offerings, loan inclusions, rate of interest, processing fee, and much more. Next, you need to compare all of them to arrive at the best car loan.

Interest rate

Different banks may offer different interest rates. Some lenders charge a higher interest rate, while some may charge less. Ideally, you get tempted to go for the option that offers a low rate of interest, but at the same time, do consider other criteria too. The banks that offer a little higher interest rate may offer better customer service or has a better brand name, and so on. Take a conscious decision.

Know about the hidden charges

As you apply for car loan, do ensure to check for any hidden fees or hidden charges. Many financing institutions may levy a hidden fee, which you will come to know after you have subscribed for the loan. To avoid that disappointment, do make sure to read the car loan papers well to make yourself aware of the hidden charges you are needed to pay to the bank.

Consider Special offers

To attract and lure customers, many banks keep launching attractive deals for loan applicants. You can research for online car loans, and you never know you can bag a lucrative deal for yourself. Many banks offer short term discounts, complimentary fuel, festive discounts, etc. You can take advantage of these offers.

Consider car insurance cost

You need to take an insurance for your car as well. It is mandatory as per law, to take the car insurance. You will have this recurring cost every year, so make sure you bear this cost in mind while taking the car finance.

Do not apply in multiple banks

You need to apply for four-wheeler loans in one bank at a time. Just in case your application gets rejected for any reason, then you can try another bank. Applying in several banks may affect your credit score and will confuse too.

Avoid relying on car dealers

Many car dealers facilitate the buyers by applying for a car loan. Though it is an excellent option to save yourself from the hassle and might also save your time, be aware that in this case, the dealer might not be able to get you the best and the lowest interest rate.

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