How to choose the best Cat food online

Cats are particular about their taste and what goes into their food bowl is no less than cracking a math equation. They are fussy eaters, but also wise cannibals. Taste does top their list but nutrients too matter to them. So if you’re a cat owner, you’re reading the right piece of information!

What do Cats need?

Cats don’t settle for less; they gorge on protein-rich food. Their favourite sources are fish, meat, or poultry. An amino acid that helps build muscles, found in Taurine, is essential in cat food. Some vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids also complete a balanced diet. And of course, water. Enough moisture balances their digestion and absorption of nutrients.

You will be surprised to know that Cats don’t need Carbohydrates. However, most of the cat food in the market has rice, corn, and wheat as fillers. They also contain preservatives, binders and artificial colors because they are made appealing for the buyers.


What should you go for?

Both wet food and kibble are available for Cats for various reasons. Dry food is convenient and can be left out for the day, whereas wet food should be consumed withing sometime after opening. Cats are not fond of water contents, but they also get bores easily with teh same dry food every day. Cats develop some allergy when they are fed the food they don’t like. So it’s important to feed them a variety of foods. Avoid food addictions as now there’s a vast range of food options available for Cats. This doesn’t mean they get a different food plate every day. But a balanced nutrition will do the near perfect job!


What to look for in the packet?

So, if you have decided to buy a range of wet food and kibble, make sure you check for compliance with AAFCO’s terms for “Complete and Balanced,” trademarked as a label. Please check for the specified protein source like chicken, turkey, lamb, or beef. Please do not go for the name “meat” in the protein section. On Canned food, the protein source should be the first mentioned ingredient. Check expiry date for freshness too.

What to avoid?

While you shop for the “near perfect” cat food, you should avoid certain terms on the packaging such as “By-products”, “meat and bone meal”, “animal digest” and some descriptions including “digest” or “added sugars”. As you look for details of the food, you should avoid food that have chemical preservatives, including BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, and propyl gallate. Cornmeal’s are bad for pet’s digestive system, but they are used as cheap fillers in pet food. One should definitely avoid that. The food must pass some feeding tests and should have zero presence of Carbohydrates.

Why Kennel Kitchen stands out?

Kennel Kitchen is the king of pet food and the above reasons prove that Kennel Kitchen has given enough thought to the preparation of Cat food. The Cat food by Kennel Kitchen is carefully made with the freshest ingredients and nutritional values. The ingredients are farm picked, and caught in the cleanest rivers. The perfect moist balance is what your Cat needs. A food that isn’t too dry and yet mildly chewable. Kennel Kitchen has the perfect can food for Cats like Tuna in Jelly, Chicken chunks in jelly, and more. It makes a point that the packaged can is loud and clear about the protein values and serving methods.

Kennel Kitchen ensure your Cat don’t hate food or you, but are pampered in their own unique way. After all they are what they eat!

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