People go to salons and treatment parlors to get facials and to relax. Estheticians’ main priority is to offer their clients effective service. You might be having best products and the best hands, but without a comfortable and professional facial bed, you may not be able to deliver excellent results to your client. With this article, you will be able to choose the best facial bed for your spa and clientele.

We aim to help you choose the right facial beds that suit your needs and your client’s needs. You will get to know about the factors you need to consider when selecting a facial bed. Moreover, if you want to get one at affordable rates, then you can check the best facial chair for sale. Different types of facial beds are distinguished according to several characteristics.


The essential things to consider when buying a facial bed are:

1. Budget

Spa facial beds are fairly expensive, so planning and determining your budget is essential. Getting a quality facial treatment bed is of the utmost importance as the beauty industry is all about quality. There are less expensive options available that offer great value but lack significant features, comfort, and durability.

2. Spacing

Before selecting a facial bed, you should consider the size and spacing area of your treatment room. This is to avoid the bed being too big, which makes it difficult for you to work effectively or for a client to move around. With this, you can buy the facial bed according to your spa room.

3. Quality

One of the main reasons you need a high-quality facial bed is so that your clients can feel comfortable throughout the treatment. After all, no one likes to lie on a facial bed and feel like they’re about to undergo an undesirable process. For this, opting for a facial bed manufactured from high-quality material is essential. Low-quality spa equipment will certainly break down and need to be replaced. You work too hard to spend money on shoddy facial beds again and again. Therefore, it is essential to get the best facial bed available the first time.

4. Durability

Can your exam chair handle patients of varying weight and height, or will they become unusable after just a few months of regular use? Your spa equipment should hold long-lasting longevity. When you do back-to-back treatments, your facial bed requires patience to maintain its potency.

5. Functionality

Functionality is of utmost importance, from lowering or raising the bed for acupuncture to rotating the examination chair 180 degrees or more when performing facial treatments. The reliable spa equipment in your spa or salon should be able to adapt to the different spa services you offer.

Final Thought

So next time you buy a facial bed, make sure to consider these points before purchasing to get the best facial bed for your treatment. If you want to buy the best quality medical exam treatment tables, then you should visit Alva Beauty.

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