How to Choose the Best Infertility Clinic

In vitro fertilization is the latest “talking point” in the medical world. Still, many individuals are unaware of this development. Studies show that about 10% to 14% of Indian couples have infertility issues.

This is a complex problem that requires careful attention to detail. Most Indians believe that in vitro fertilization (IVF) therapy for infertility is too expensive for average families. Following are the steps to choosing the IVF centre in Delhi.

Verify the Track Record

First, research the clinic’s history to ensure it has a good track record in treating infertility. In other words, you should see what kind of success rate the clinic has had with its previous patients by reading reviews or asking around with your social circle.

Success rates are sometimes mentioned on clinic websites. However, if you want to be sure, you should check with the reproductive endocrinologist for an up-to-date count.

Has the Clinic Received Any Awards for Being a Remarkable Facility?

Infertility centres that significantly improve patient treatment get the centre of excellence award. Clinicians in these facilities adhere to established standards of care and provide extensive treatment options for infertility.

Make sure the clinic you’ve chosen is deserving of this honor. If that’s the case, you’ll find the best infertility clinic in Delhi to work with.

The Clinical Endocrinologist Workforce Size

Sometimes, infertility problems aren’t very severe and may be handled by a single doctor. However, some situations are so complicated that they need a group of reproductive endocrinologists to work together to get a satisfactory outcome.

As a result, you must verify the number of fertility experts at the best IVF centre in India. If a team is working on your case, find out who will accompany you during your appointments ahead of time.

Are There Embryology and Andrology Facilities?

Avoid getting help from places that don’t have their in-house lab for andrology and embryology. An andrology lab is where sperm samples are taken and analyzed. They also go at the essential aspect of IVF, the ICSI method. An embryologist selects the healthiest sperm from the male’s semen.

Ask About Their Other Fertility Services

If you’re learning about infertility, you must realize that IVF isn’t your only option for becoming pregnant. Defeat infertility once and for all with the help of IVF, the gold standard in therapy. However, non-invasive methods may be as successful in some situations.

Consequently, ensure you see the best fertility doctor in Delhi about alternative fertility therapies. IUI (intrauterine insemination) and surrogacy are other effective reproductive therapies.

Examine the cost factor

The costs associated with in vitro fertilization (IVF) are quite high. However, the cost of this item varies depending on where you buy it. For instance, the price may be lower in certain states and higher in others.

Fertility therapy costs vary greatly amongst clinics, even within the same geographic area. Before deciding on the best fertility centre in Delhi, make sure you’ve done enough research.

Is Insurance Accepted?

If your health insurance covers your infertility struggles, you might save thousands of rupees. But before you go, double-check that your insurance is accepted there.


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