How to Choose the Best Kiteboarding Gear  

Buying your first kitesurfing gear is a big step for most people and it can be a difficult decision to make as to which brand and model to buy. This guide should help you avoid some mistakes when buying your first kitesurfing gear and help you make the decision that’s right for you.

There are many different brands of kitesurfing equipment brands that offer kiteboard gear, kiteboarding kite, kitesurfing boards and more. Some are more expensive, some more affordable, and they’re all good in their own way. There is no one brand that fits all, but it really comes down to personal choice. So while it is certainly beneficial and useful to listen to recommendations from more experienced kitesurfers, it is important that you find the kite, board and harness that suits you and that you are happy with! Because in the end you will spend hours with this equipment on the water and you want to go home with a smile on your face. And buying a full set of kites is a big investment, so you really want to be sure you’re buying right the first time.


When buying your own gear, start by buying a harness that really fits you. Even if you only want to buy one piece of equipment and continue to rent, we recommend that you buy your own harness. If you have options to choose from different ones, try them in action. Otherwise, choose the one that suits you best. As the harnesses are not too expensive, it is always possible to buy another one later if you feel you have problems or pain while kitesurfing.


In general, try to go for a larger board at the start, as this will make it easier to go upwind in lighter winds. Personally we have also found that a slightly larger board will help you jump higher and progress faster as an intermediate and advanced kitesurfer as it can create more pressure for your jumps.


The type of board is also important. The boards have different shapes, rocker, flex and stiffness. Without going into too much detail, most kite brands categorise their Kiteboarding boards and as a beginner kitesurfer, a board in the Freeride or All Rounder category will be a good choice for you. They have moderate rocker and flex making them a forgiving board in almost any condition.

More importantly, you should try the board if you get the chance. Some people prefer stiffer boards to softer boards and so it is essential to know and have tried the board in various conditions before buying it.


It is always easier to buy all your kites from the same brand and the corresponding bar. You really only need one bar for all your kites. It is possible to use a kite bar from one brand with kites from another brand, but depending on the design of the bar and the kite, it may not fly perfectly . The kites will always fly better with the bar designed by the same brand. If you can, we recommend sticking to one brand.

The guide above should help guide you through the process of buying your own set of kite board for sale that’s right for you. That doesn’t mean it’s the perfect setup for you, but you can use it as a guide and we encourage you to test out this gear to see if it might be your perfect match.

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