How to Choose the Best Locksmith

When you need your car fixed, your house painted, your electricity repaired, and/or your washing machine overhauled, you don’t mess around – you search for the best individual.  So, when you need a professional locksmith, why should the situation be any different?

Locksmiths are trained, professional individuals who hold state licenses.  A locksmith performs many important, on demand duties and offers peace of mind to homes and businesses.  Many perform emergency services and are often available 24/7.  Sometimes you never know you need one until a situation is dire or until you are forced to consider your personal safety or when you need to protect important valuables.   So, again, you want a trained, licensed professional.  So, how do you find that individual?

Here are some helpful tips:

•    Locksmith v. Key Maker:  a key maker is just that – someone who just makes keys – they cannot repair a lock, evaluate hardware, or provide locksmith services.   So, if you are locked out of a home or car, make sure you contact a professionally trained locksmith, not a key maker.  The website will be clear.  Better yet, simply ask for credentials – a locksmith will happily provide them.

•    Consider Fees:  an affordable price online might look good, but it could be misleading.  Make sure there are no other hidden fees and also make sure the locksmith and company is also licensed and experienced.  There could be additional hidden fees.  An inexperienced, cheap company that cheats you by adding hidden fees won’t do you any good, especially during an emergency.

•    Strong Online Presence:  make sure the locksmith has a strong online presence that provides all necessary information.  Such is important, especially today.  You should at least be able to ascertain whether locksmiths are trained and insured, are available in an emergency, and what additional services it offers.   Amenities such as “Book Service” and “Click to Call” indicate a strong online presence.

•    Read Reviews:  the website should also offer reviews and recommendations.  Such signifies that the locksmith is trustworthy and proud of its work.

•    Range of Services:  trained, experienced, dedicated locksmiths will provide a range of services for both individuals and businesses.

KR Locksmith

KR Locksmith (“KR”) is a family-owned locksmith in Charlotte.  It serves Charlotte and the surrounding area.  Its team of highly trained professionals have over 15 years of experience in commercial, home, and automotive services.  It uses the highest quality locks and is proud of its top locksmith reputation.

KR is a professional Commercial Locksmith in Charlotte, Residential Locksmith Charlotte NC, and Locksmith near Charlotte, NC that provides complete security solutions for businesses, families, homes, and anything that requires securing.  Its certified locksmiths use the latest technology and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

KR Locksmith Services include:

•    24 Hour Emergency Lock Out Services
•    Broken Key Extraction
•    Door Key and Ignition Key Replacement Services
•    Car Key Cutting
•    Duplication of Foreign and Domestic Automobile Keys
•    Replacement of Lost and Worn Keys
•    Replace and Repair Car and Motorcycle Ignition and Locks
•    Program Transponder Keys
•    Re-Key Stolen Ignition Keys
•    Replace Keyless Entry Remote and Car FOBS
•    Safes
•    Alarm Systems / Intercoms
•    Lock Re-Keying

If you need immediate assistance, any time, day or night, call (980)333-8238, and KR will send out a locksmith to assist.   Use its convenient “Book Service” and “Click to Call” functions.

Contact KR Locksmith today for all your professional locksmith needs.  Your security, privacy, and confidence are its primary concerns.

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