How to Choose The Best Lubricant For Used Kia Engines

Used Kia Engines

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If you have recently purchased a used Kia engine, then you should know that lubricants are the most important element. In order to make your Kia car used engine survive and function smoothly, over time you should take care of the lubrication of the engine in a proper manner.

Any ideal lubricant will serve as a protection layer for an engine’s internal constituents and saves the engine from any wear and tear even when the temperature inside the motor is soaring high. However, a wrong pick of a lubricant can subject your engine to several damages.

So, after you have brought home your Kia engine for sale, your responsibility of maintaining that engine begins by choosing the right lubricant.

Tips To Pick the Right Lubricant For Kia Engines

When you are planning to top up your used Kia engine with any oil, it’s really very important to know what grade of oil will be best for it. Try referring to the user manual for the manufacturer’s guidelines. Otherwise, you can also consult with a professional Kia mechanics for their recommendations.

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Check out the tips for making your Kia Used engine one of the best quality used engines.

  1. Choose the Lubricant as per the API Standard (SL, SM, SN, or SJ):

    The API standard is set by the American Petroleum Institute which is officially used to classify lubricants based on their performance. You can easily find Kia’s recommended API standard for your engine in the user manual.

  2. Check the Viscosity Grade:

    The viscosity grade is a factor in the thickness of a lubricant. It allows you to determine the stress holding capacity of engine oil as thin engine oil works well for winters, but a high-grade or thick lubricant is good for summers.

    This is also the reason high-performance cars come with a higher viscosity oil as their engines constantly work at very high temperatures. The viscosity of a lubricant is determined through a set of two numbers, like 10W-30, 0W-40 or 15W-40, or 5W-30.

    A higher oil grade means a higher viscosity. When you use thin lubricating oil will reduce the friction in the engine, Making the flow of oil much better & easier. And when you use thick lubricating oil it works better in higher temperatures and protects the engine bearings and engine sealing by acting like a protective layer.

  3. Go with the ACEA Rating:

    The ACEA depicts the rating of a lubricant like A5/B5, A3/B4, etc. This rating is granted after considering many parameters considering the fuel economy, sludge, soot thickening, and oxidative thickening. ACEA rating of a lubricant can help you determine its suitability for your vehicle, so it’s best to keep this in mind when choosing an engine oil, particularly for a diesel engine.

    Just ensure that you take a quick look at your car owner’s manual for recommended engine oil grade. This way you will follow the automaker’s expert recommendations very easily and with clarity.

Use a Kia Genuine Lubricant for Your Used Kia Engine

Kia has a range of Genuine Oils and Fluids which is specifically developed for the automaker itself to offer its customers the optimum quality lubricants. Assuming that your used Kia engine has already driven thousands of miles, so it is quite natural that the internal parts of the engine might get damaged over a period of time. At this juncture, you should try not to let it degrade further. So, make a sensible choice only by opting for Kia Genuine lubricants only.

Some of the benefits of using Kia Genuine lubricants:

  • When you use Kia Genuine lubricants it ensures high engine performance & protection
  • Giving you a better fuel efficiency
  • This leads to a decrease in emissions and exhaust
  • A genuine lubricant will for sure protection against the extreme operating conditions
  • Prevents the formation of sludge and deposits
  • Since it is developed by Kia so will stand true to the brand’s specifications


A lubricant for an engine is not only responsible for protection against friction but for enabling optimum performance as well. Using the right grade and quality of engine oil can enhance your engine’s performance beyond your expectation. So, it’s imperative to research and consider all the relevant factors like your vehicle’s requirements, the region you’ll be driving in, weather conditions, etc. before finalizing an engine oil for your engine.

In the case of used Kia engines, the best choice turns out to be Kia Genuine lubricants as they are brand-recommended and fulfill the eligibility criteria for Kia engines. So, if you have a Kia used engine, consult experts from Kia for buying a lubricant.

So next time when you are buying a Kia optima 2.4 engine for sale or any other Kia engine for sale consider Used Engines Inc. for all your used engine requirements as they cater to all the makes and models of Kia engines.

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