How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

Cleaning is one of the most basic things that is mandatory for any household or commercialised place.

Cleaning requires different types of equipment and vacuum cleaner is one of them.

Vacuum cleaner uses an electric motor to that sucks air inside along with all the dirt and dust that comes on its way.

The dirt and all other particles get collected into a bag that you dust it later.

From Upright vacuum cleaners to cylinder or cordless you can find multiple options in the market.

There are wet and dry vacuum cleaner as well, depending upon your usage and requirements.

Depending upon your usage if you are planning to get a vacuum cleaner for home then primary use will be floor, carpet cleaning.

There are different types of vacuum cleaner depending on where you are going to use.

Let us discuss about “Types of Vacuum cleaner”


  • Upright Vacuum cleaner 


This type is good for home cleaning and are designed to be used on carpets.

Upright vacuum also comes with turbo brushes which contributes in deep cleaning process.


  • Cylinder vacuum cleaner


These kinds of vacuum cleaner tend to be cheaper in price and are equally good.

Though they are traditional kind and even have long flexible hoses. 


  • Cordless vacuum cleaner


Vacuum cleaners traditionally were made with long cords that was connected with a socket for power.

Though those kind of still exist but an updated cordless version is great too.

This kind of vacuum cleaner are easy to use, handy and portable.

They work with the help of batteries which is either rechargeable or replaceable.


Plus, Vacuum cleaner can be either 

  • Bagged 
  • Bagless 

Bagged Vacuums trap all kinds of dust in a disposable bag which can be thrown immediately after use.

These kinds of bag have large capacities and less maintenance as well.

The disposable bags can be purchased from any shop or even online.

Bagless Vacuums use a reusable container where dust and dirt are stored.

After use the container needs to be emptied. This doesn’t require any other cost but the process of cleaning the bag can be a little messy.


What to consider while choosing the best vacuum cleaner?

As already mentioned, there are a number of vacuum cleaners in the market and each has different set of features.


  • Check its features:


Know your needs and if you are buying for home or office. Plus, other features include switch to start, different modes, brush strokes, height adjustment, suction control. Even different types of modes can be applied according to where you are cleaning.


  • Bagged vs. Bagless


As we have already discussed you can either buy a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner.

Bagged vacuum cleaner use disposable bags that can be thrown right away after use. 

On the other hand, a bagless one has to be reused but doesn’t require any cost of purchasing disposable bags.


  • Noise 


If you have ever heard a vacuum cleaner then it might be clear that some of them make tremendous amount of noise.

So, if you are sensitive to noise then consider buying a silent one or less noisy one.


Final Words

So, these were some things to keep in mind before you go out to purchase a vacuum cleaner.

You can also consider buying a vacuum cleaner online, as there are plenty of options with comparisons as well.

Go through all the above factors and then choose the best vacuum cleaner wisely.


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