How to Choose the Exterior Paint Colour?


Giving your home a new look enhances the curb appeal and adds value. While there are several ways to change the look of your house, exterior painting can emphasise architectural features and make a statement in the neighbourhood. However, if you are painting outside of your home, you’ll have to take time with colour decision. Interiors are all about your personal preferences. But, when it comes to the exterior, durability is the key consideration. Yes, it is about protecting the biggest investment you have. It is no easy to redo. So, don’t rush, and it make sense to make it right the first time.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to choose the paint colour for your exteriors as suggested by painters in North Shore: –

Consider your neighbours

If you are struggling to choose paint colours for your exterior, see what your neighbours have done. The house next door can give you paint colour ideas. However, don’t copy them as it is a bad idea. Is your home surrounded by trees and mid-century homes? Or Does your home’s architecture look like the house next door? Are you in a suburban development with houses all around? A home’s style can help to choose house paint colours, and the neighbourhood can offer suggestions for possible exterior paint colours. Hence, consider the colours of surrounding homes. You could deliberately blend, complement or even contrast with the colours used by your neighbours.

Incorporate nature’s colour

Nature has got a lot of colours, and it can give you more clues about what colours will look good on it. Several shades of green can be used for the exterior. However, you combine red, brown, and golden shades as well. Seafoam green, soft neutrals, and pastels are some of the colours that will look good on the exteriors. Get colour ideas from house painters North Shore if you are in doubt.

Avoid dark colours

Avoiding black and other dark shades is one of the best ideas for painting your exteriors. Of course, when used with the right shades, it can look good. But, keep in mind, dark shades will absorb dust and make you repaint often and maintain it by dusting and cleaning regularly.

Consider durability

When it comes to exterior paint colours, you need to consider the durability as it will decide the longevity of the paint, regardless of the quality. Even high gloss paints are not benefitted for exterior walls. Go for wall paint finish like satin and egg shell as they are easier to clean and have high durability.

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