How to choose the Lubricant!

The Personal lubricant which is also known as lube may also be used to assist making the sexual activities easy and free from pain such as masturbation, sex, enjoying theuse of sex toys to be much enjoyable and pleasurable.

The lubricants for sex work to simply reduce the level of friction between the skin and other object or the person or even the body part which is being used, this will also reduce pain, chafing as well as any kind of unpleasurable rubbing.

What is the use of lube?

There is no doubt that Lubes are great! With the use of best condoms in india or the best lube it is certainly nothing to feel shameful—it may also be a perfect kind of the addition to the sexual experience. You must never feel embarrassed using the personal lubricant. There are several people who usually produce adequate quantity of the vaginal fluids and they yet prefer to choose and use the lube to enhance the sexual pleasure.

Usually, about half of the post-menopausal women usually tend to notice great amount of the vaginal dryness as well as discomfort while having sex. Subsequent to the menopause, genitourinary area which includes vagina as well as vulva might also change the atrophy because of decrease in the levels of estrogen. Devoid of the higher levels of the estrogen, such kind of the tissues become thin, less flexible as well as they receive less flow of the blood, and it also helps to produce the less natural vaginal fluid. The lubricant helps to simply decrease any such kind of the discomfort of sex while experiencing the vaginal dryness, however, it also does not prevent any kind of the underlying problem related to the vaginal tissue atrophy.

Moreover, there are few people that might experience some kind of the vaginal dryness, that may simply lead to discomfort as well as pain at the time of doing intercourse. The fact is that every person is different and people that are breastfeeding, those who takes medications (which also includes antihistamines as well as antidepressants), even the survivors of breast cancer, and also those people that have Sjogren’s syndrome might even usually experience some kind of the vaginal dryness. In such kind of the situations, the lubricant or even the condom can be quite much helpful.


How to choose a lube?

The Water-based lube is known to be safest bet to begin with. It may also be used for people of sexual needs: for the penetrative sex, for the purpose of masturbation, and also the sex toy with which you can play. The Water-based lubes are even perfect for people having sensitive skin or if they have vaginal irritation, and may even be used with the sex toys and with condoms. They are even quite simple to clean the sheet as well as clothes and they don’t even leave any kind of stain.

Though, Silicone-based lube are slippery, but they are long lasting and suggested for longer session. You don’t need to reapply it again during intercourse.

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