How to Choose the Most Efficient LED Lights for Your Business

When you upgrade your commercial lighting to LED, you can enjoy a variety of cost-saving and light-enhancing benefits. Even so, not all LED lights are the same, so here are a few things to keep in mind and consider while you’re shopping.

Consider Which Areas Need the Most Light

As you start shopping for new LED tube lights and other bulbs, keep in mind this will be a cost- and energy-saving investment. While LED lights have become incredibly more affordable over the last few years, if you change all of the light bulbs in your business at once it can be a considerable up-front investment.

If you’re not ready to go all-in on LEDs just yet, consider the areas where you use your lights the most and start there. Since these are the areas that have the lights on most often, you’ll see an impact on your energy bills after the switch and you can put those savings toward investing in LED lights for other areas of your business.

Pay Attention to Lumens

When shopping for incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs, we often look at the wattage to determine how bright the lights will be. LEDs, although rated for wattage, don’t use as much power as other bulbs and are often brighter than traditional lighting methods.For this reason, when you’re shopping for LED bulbs, pay attention to the lumens in conjunction with the wattage used or its wattage equivalent.You can find handy charts online to determine the lumens your current bulbs use so you can buy a direct LED replacement that is far more energy efficient. For example, a 25-watt incandescent can often be replaced with an LED that only uses 3-4 watts while still shining just as brightly.

What’s Your Color?

While it’s true that years ago LED lights were only available in harsh white colors, these days, you have choices and can choose the right color to suit your needs. Color for LED bulbs is measured based on its temperature on the Kelvin Scale: Lower temperatures will be warmer in color while higher temperature will be bluer.

Check the Warranty

Finally, you want to make sure your brand of choice stands behind their LED tubes and other products with a five-year unlimited warranty. LEDs will typically last much longer than fluorescent and incandescent lights, but you should trust that if they ever flicker or burn out before then that the manufacturer will fix it.

Also, make sure that your new LED lights will be easy to install and work seamlessly without much electrical work needed, if any at all. When shopping online, you should be able to read installation guides and customer reviews so you can be well-informed before you buy.

About Hyperikon

Back in 2010, two brothers were going to local businesses to share their passion. That passion? The production of the most efficient, easy-to-install LED lights, giving businesses and consumers consistent access to them, and doing so with impeccable service. The approach has paid off, and in 2014, U.S.-based Hyperikon launched the brand on the Amazon marketplace, featuring over 250 LED products—including their commercial-grade, high-efficiency linkable LED shop lights—to nearly 3 million customers. Even in light of that success, the company’s fundamental passion for the best, most innovative LED lighting solutions supported by unparalleled customer service, remains. Hyperikon holds a number of U.S. patents and has earned more than 700 certifications and qualifications.

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