How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Worktop For Your Home

It takes a lot of contemplation and time to choose a perfect kitchen worktop for your home. It shouldn’t be too bright, not too dull. A perfect blend of rustic and tranquil. Who doesn’t like cooking in a kitchen which looks clean and polished? At the same time, the kitchen slab should be durable and hardy. You would also not want to spend too much on it. So how could you bring home the most suitable homebase kitchen worktops?

Given below are the answers to this mind-boggling question:

1. Set a budget

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much you are willing to spend. Kitchen worktops in London are available in a wide variety of cost ranges. From cheap laminate to pricey granite, you can get any. While more inexpensive materials will not be able to promise you forever, extravagant ones will create a hole in your pocket. You can let your creative side outshine and choose to mix and match your worktops for a cost-effective and efficient purchase.

2. Kitchen design

While wooden worktops might enhance the beauty of a traditional themed kitchen, an oversized marble slab might destroy the look of a contemporary household. Choose a worktop that fits into your kitchen layout perfectly.

3. Kitchen chores

If you are into baking, marble is the best choice for you. Similarly, quartz worktops are a hygienic option that prohibits the growth of vermin by being scratch resistant. Laminate worktops are versatile and your destination if looking for a sturdy material. Given below are some basic choices of home base kitchen worktops based on the type of chores carried out.

Quartz or Glass

If you are one of those clumsy souls and your glass of wine tips occur accidentally out of nowhere, you need a faithful kitchen companion to hide away the stains. These materials require minimum maintenance and just a swipe with a wet soapy cloth is enough to make the stains vanish.


Saves money on resealing. Once sealed, it does not require touch-ups in a very long time. It is waterproof and pretty durable. However, ceramic is comparatively brittle.


A forever hallmark of luxury and toughness, granite gives a natural beauty to your home base kitchen worktop like no other. Various types of granite worktops are sold in the section of kitchen worktops in Essex. Customize your design or let your minimalist self prevail; granite will never fail to impress you. It is resistant to sunlight, heat and is quite disinfectant. However, such slabs will cost you a hefty amount.

Stainless Steel

Tough wearing. Steel worktops do not give much choice in colours and textures but are very hardy and lost lasting.


There are numerous kinds of homebase kitchen worktops materials available in London. To choose what’s best for you, you need to explore different options and keep a lot of factors in mind. Don’t get influenced by other kitchens. What might look good at a particular kitchen design might not be suitable for your household. Keep all these points in mind before investing to avail the perfect kitchen worktop ideal for your home.

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