How To Choose the Perfect Pair of Jade Earrings

Jade earrings are the perfect gift for someone you love, and they can help celebrate many different occasions throughout the year, from Christmas to Mother’s Day and from birthdays to anniversaries. Figuring out what kind of jade earrings to get can seem like a daunting prospect, but if you know where to look and what to consider, choosing the perfect pair of jade earrings will be easy!

Evaluating The Color of Jade

Jade comes in many different colors. The most desirable color is a pale green that ranges from creamy white to light emerald. However, there are also blue, lavender, yellow and black varieties. A green hue is ideal because it means that your stone has not been dyed or treated with resin or wax as can be done with brown or black stones.

If you look closely at a piece of jade with no light source behind it, you should see a slight translucence – if not, keep looking for your perfect pair! Jades that are completely opaque won’t be worth as much money because they are harder to cut.

If you want some extra color, consider choosing a lighter green hue that is accentuated by accents like blue or silver. These bring out both hues at once while still maintaining an overall real feel to them.

Evaluating Jade Transparency

When looking at Jade, you should evaluate two different factors: clarity and texture. Clarity is how clean and pure your stone is; colorless (also known as white) jade with a high degree of transparency are more valuable than those that are not. Texture can range from smooth (considered lower-quality Jade) to coarse (higher-quality), but it’s really about what kind of feel you prefer when holding a piece.

Evaluating Jade Clarity and Texture

One way that you can ensure that your stone will be eye-catching for years to come is by evaluating clarity and texture. A cloudy or glassy stone means that there’s something wrong with it, whether it was improperly polished or dyed. Instead, look for stones with a uniform color and textured surface. In some cases, you may want a more ornate design on your stone; after all, part of why people like jade are because of its versatility! However, as long as you evaluate these features carefully before purchase—and speak directly with experts in your area—you should end up with a beautiful piece of jewelry that will last you a lifetime.

Choosing Jade Cut

As a general rule, look for earrings with a wide-open setting. This allows lighter and oxygen to reach your stone so it can shine. But don’t worry if you aren’t sure which cut is best for your Jade earrings; generally, it is fine to select whichever cut you like best. (You can always have your jewelry piece re-cut at a later date.) Ideally, though, you’ll want an open setting that showcases a rich green color—that are more valuable and often have an iconic quality that makes them very popular.

Choosing Jade Size and Weight

it’s important to consider both size and weight. The larger your stone, and/or its carat weight, the higher quality it will be. Genuine jade comes in a range of colors such as white, grayish-green, olive green and dark green. High-quality pure stones are dense with good translucency, while lower-quality stones tend toward translucency with more impurities.

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