How to Choose the Perfect Wine Rack?

Sitting back and taking a sip from a young Chianti is one of the best things you can look forward to after a long day. If you love wine and can’t get enough of them, then think about getting yourself a rack for your wines. Instead of storing them in your cupboards, a rack that’s designed for wines should be a welcome addition to your home. Before you start shopping around, though, here are some things you need to know.

Count Your Stock

How many bottles do you have at home? How many bottles do you plan to buy and keep? Consider that, so you’ll know the size of the wine rack that’s perfect for you. If you want to store your wines for a year or more, you’ll do better with a modular wine rack. Pick options that can hold hundreds of bottles. If you plan on consuming those wines in a few weeks, though, a small rack will do.

Consider Carts

There are modern wine carts that come with small wine racks. They’re perfect if you want easy access to your wines. And because the cart is movable, if you have guests over, you can set that cart right in the dining area, so guests can simply move to the cart and pick up a drink. You can use that cart to serve drinks. Think about that before you buy a wine rack.

Think About the Location

These days, not a lot of people put wine in the cellar. However, you can still pick a good location for your bottles, especially those away from surfaces close to heat. A cart or rack with drawers makes for an excellent option. However, if you want your wine rack to be flexible in terms of the location, then that’s another reason to pick a movable cart with a rack.

Look at the Material

Be sure to spend some time going over the types of materials that you can use. For instance, if you’re set on getting a kitchen cart, then you can go for wood or stainless options. If you pick wood, though, you’ll then need to go over options that include walnut, oak, redwood, and pine. Which one works for your needs the best? Which option will blend into your home easily?

Set a Budget

It’s easy for your buying adventure to get out of hand. If you want to make sure you don’t go over the amount that you can comfortably afford, then keep a budget and stick to it. Having a budget also helps you clear out other options from your mind since you’ll need to limit your selection to carts and wine racks that match your price range. Anything else, you’ll need to discard. That, or you’ll want to wait a bit more until you have enough in your funds to afford the cart you absolutely want.

Check the Openings

Before you choose a rack, check the openings. Are some of them wider? Then that’s good. It means they can accommodate bottles of Burgundy and Champagne.

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