How to Choose the Right ERP Solution for Your Business That Will Best Fit To Needs

As enterprises endeavor for more proficient operations across the board, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is an ever more preferred solution for enhancing processes at the business application level. Every business needs the Best ERP, the best ERP is the one that meets the requirements of your business. Not the first search result on Google, or the highest reviewed Partner Company. Identifying which ERP solution is the best fit for your business needs is usually a slow and manual process. If you carry out a systematic ERP evaluation, you will never recognize which ERP system is best for your Business’ personalized needs, and why. If that is something you want to learn, then you must ask yourself the following few key questions to better ascertain your ERP requirements.

•    What are your current and future business goals?
•    What areas are shrinking, and what areas of the business are growing?
•    Do you have the right budget for your needs?
•    Is this the right time to go for the ERP Solution?
•    How could the right ERP benefit your business?
•    What does a successful implementation looks like for your business?
As we all know that there are several benefits of ERP solutions which can bring great positive effects to your business. Even though the numerous benefits that comes from an Microsoft dynamics 365 erp system , many enterprises commit the mistake of selecting an ERP solution that fits inadequately with their business model and goals. Always find out not only the most basic features that your business should prioritize in an ERP solution but also some of the particular features you should think about and the essential steps you should take to decide the right ERP system for your business.

The basic features you need in an ERP solution:
ERP solutions are planned to bring together essential applications and processes across business in order to successfully drive visibility and performance. A good ERP solutions must include the following basic features:
•    Automation and workflow management
•    Data analytics and business intelligence (BI)
•    Advanced Reporting and data visualization
•    Custom, granular user and administrative permissions
•    Robust databases and data storage
•    Administrative dashboards with real-time tracking
•    Integrations with other enterprise applications, either natively or via APIs
•    Compliance and policy management support
With so many ERP choices in the market nowadays, choosing a package for your business can be an overwhelming task. So, what’s the finest way to find the right ERP solution that’s going to be the best fit for your business? Here are the steps to follow:

•    Investigate the current business processes to determine a business case study for the ERP system
•    Identify and collaborate with key users to gather requirements
•    Team up with key stakeholders to identify, level your ERP requirements and assessment criteria
•    Demonstrate your partner’s product capabilities within the context of your business needs.
•    Check out with ERP Cost, Functional requirements, Security and integrations with current enterprise software infrastructure
•    User Experience, White labeling and branding
•    Search the market for best ERP partners that meet your required criteria
•    Develop an ERP Implementation project rollout plan
•    Measure the benefits against the costs of the new ERP system
How can you keep track of your business with Insightful Dynamics 365 Reporting?
In this highly competitive business world, it’s not easy to keep yourself on the top of the competition. Staying competitive requires deep insight and agility to react to factors that impact your business success such as changing marketplace pressures, customer requests, sales and marketing, account management, and more. How long did it take you to close your last business sales or marketing analytics report? In this digital age, building reports doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complex in nature. You can keep your finger on the rhythm of your business operations with just a few clicks, so you have more time for stirring your business forward. Reporting must also impel the behaviors of your sales and marketing teams – in other words it needs to be actionable.

Get a quick view of all the activities associated with opportunities such as phone calls, tasks, emails, appointments, and closed opportunities. Peritos Solution starts with the groundwork of understanding your business then adds expert reports that unite your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with other data sources and turns it into easy to get business intelligence. We use our in-depth technical skill to understand your business needs to create meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reports within Dynamics to improve the individual team members’ decision making and assist you run your business more efficiently. Our considerations may include:

•    Sales pipeline tracking to increase profitability.
•    Track marketing with real-time data
•    Collect your financial data from multiple platforms
•    Reports anywhere, anytime
•    On demand 24×7 Delivery
With Perito’s Dynamics 365 CRM reporting services, you won’t be overwhelmed with data or underwhelmed with data analysis and insight. We can execute flexible, high security to protect your reports and essential resources. We also provide custom reporting solutions as well. For any help with Dynamics reports, or derive the most value from your data, and to accelarate the right performance from your sales and marketing teams – reach out to us today, we are eager to solve real world business problems. .

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