How to Choose the Right Overnight Sanitary Napkins

To stay comfortable and get the maximum protection even during your heavy flow days, get your hands on some of the best quality overnight sanitary pads and tampons. They both help in soaking up the menstrual blood efficiently but their usage is completely different. Continue reading to know more about them.


The best and the easiest to use menstrual products available in the market today are overnight sanitary pads and tampons. These two products help in not only soaking up the menstrual blood efficiently but also keeping you fresh and clean depending on their quality. The quality of these products determines how well you can manage hygiene during those few days. The reason why you should only pick good quality products is because they let you go about your day to day activities and chores without having to worry about staining or leakage. This is especially very important for women who need to stay out of home for longer hours such as for work, travel and so on. Along with the blood flow, women also experience premenstrual symptoms such as soreness and aches in parts of the body, mood swings, nausea, extreme fatigue, bloating and so on. Therefore, when they use good quality products, they stay clear of other additional troubles such as staining, leakage, odor and so on.

As mentioned above, the best menstrual tampons and sanitary pads are the two most reached out products to be used during periods by a majority of women. Both these products help in soaking up the menstrual blood efficiently while giving a cottony soft touch to their skin. However, the usage of these two products are totally different. Sanitary napkins are a lot easier to use as opposed to the tampons. As you must know, to use the sanitary napkin you need to simply attach it to your panty and pull it up. While tampons are to be inserted right into the vagina. Even though the insertion may appear a little intimidating in the beginning, tampons are still a great product to pick. Using a tampon means you can wear your bodycon dresses, swimsuit etc without having to wear those regular panties. All you have to do is get the hang of using tampons.

Brands today have priced both ultra thin sanitary napkin and tampons at very affordable prices which make them very budget friendly. Besides, they also come in different pack sizes which are priced differently. Therefore, you can easily pick a size which comes under your budget. The top tampons today come with a unique and easy to use applicator which helps in smoothly gliding the tampon inside, leaving the string outside. This way, you can be sure that the tampon is inserted correctly and hence will soak up longer hours of menstrual flow without you having to change into a fresh one every now and then.
The best tampons come today in two different variants which are the regular tampons and the super tampons. The regular tampons can be used for your regular to light flow days and the super tampons are meant for your heavy flow days. Both these variants are created with a finger size absorbent core which can efficiently soak up several hours of menstrual flow. But, it is still important that you keep changing into fresh ones as and when you need depending on your flow. Do not leave it on for more than three to four hours even if you have a light flow. Changing every three to four hours helps in not only eliminating the chances of leakage but also maintaining good hygiene. This goes for not only tampons but also the sanitary napkins.

Talking about sanitary napkins, the market has a myriad of different variants of you to choose from. Here are a few –

Overnight extra large sanitary napkins
As the name suggests, these are napkins to be used at night. Not that you cannot use them during the day time, but they are very heavy duty pads with maximum coverage which can feel a little difficult to keep wearing during the day when you are active. The reason why brands have come up with a special night variant is because many women experience sleepless nights during periods which affects the quality of life. These napkins are created with a wider hip guard which helps in covering the panty entirely from the back so that the period blood drips right on top of the napkin and not your undy. The flexi absorb system ensures that the napkin moves with your body so that it stays in touch with your vagina even as you keep switching sides. They also come with a double absorbent core which continues soaking up from night till morning. All you have to do is change into a fresh napkin right before you hit the bed.

Antibacterial sanitary napkins
Antibacterial napkins as the name suggests are specially created for those women who are prone to catching infections easily during periods. But, if you are someone with no such conditions, you can still use these pads and get maximum protection. These napkins are created with a green sheet on top which is made with all the natural ingredients and can give 99.9% protection from bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans. These napkins are also created to give you a very long lasting hygiene. Hence, you can totally rely on them for when you have a long day coming, be it at work, parties, meetings, weddings, travels and so on. These are such good quality xl sanitary pads that will soak up hours of menstrual flow.

Just like period days, your non-period days also need the best hygiene care. Therefore, it is important to get your hands on products such as panty liners in order to soak up your regular vaginal discharge.

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