How to Choose the Right Portable or Mobile X-ray Imaging Equipment for Your Urgent Care


Urgent care facilities help lighten the load for ER departments. With patients lining up at the ER for hours, urgent care helps them get the treatment they need with less waiting time. If you’re putting together an urgent care facility, make sure you invest in excellent-quality equipment. If you’re shopping for imaging machines, here are some tips to help you make the best buying choices. 

Consider Portable Options 

When you check out the lineup for a portable x-ray machine for sale, factor in the size of the equipment. You must know the dimensions of your facility or rooms where you intend to use the machine by rotation. Is there enough space for your equipment? Portable options come with small transformers, so they don’t weigh much. That means they’ll be easier to move, so you won’t have to worry about your staff when they prepare for a patient. 

Explore Mobile Choices 

When it comes to mobile imaging equipment, choices usually involve digital X-ray solutions. This way, patients won’t have to be transferred from one room to another just for an imaging test. Mobile equipment allows staff at healthcare clinics or facilities to deliver higher output than portable equipment. Mobile x-rays include a wheeled cart powered by an electric motor that runs on a battery. 

Check the Different Detector Types

There are several types of detectors that can be used with an x-ray machine. These include the following: 

  • Computed Radiography. This uses Phosphor Imaging Plate rather than photographic film to get the digital image. It works on a cassette-based system, much like an analog film does. It’s often regarded as a bridge between digital methods and classical radiography. With digital solutions increasing in popularity and demand, more and more facilities are choosing options that allow for digital x-ray solutions. 
  • Digital Radiography. This uses plates sensitive to x-rays that directly capture the data when a patient is examined. The data is transferred to a computer system without having to use an intermediate device, unlike computed radiography. That makes it so much more efficient and faster, allowing staff to get results within seconds. This type of imaging solution can be used in both mobile or fixed imaging equipment. 
  • Film Radiography. This uses silicon films that are inside a cassette put behind the objected to be imaged and exposed to a beam of the x-ray. However, this equipment exposes patients to greater levels of radiation, which is a health risk. Also, the film takes longer to develop compared to digital solutions, with higher ongoing expenses than the first two options. When you shop for imaging machines, make sure to keep these differences in mind. 

Buying Ultrasound Machines

Look for a supplier that you can trust. Check the reputation of the company. Are there any bad reviews about the firm? What about customer complaints? What kind of reputation does it have and how long has it been in business? Getting answers to these questions will help you figure out where to buy your ultrasound machines for your urgent care facility.

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