How to Choose the Right Static Mix Nozzles

Adhesives are necessary for a wide range of manufacturing processes, and they may have different compositions to suit the needs of a project. For instance, two-component structural glue is better than general glue in sticking larger load-bearing objects. To make that, you’ll need the right static mixing nozzles to mix the glues effectively. These mixing nozzles can do more than mix two components, as they conduct continuous reunification and cutting to create a uniform mixture.

Nowadays, you’ll find different static mixing nozzles ranging from square to round tubes. The right product will depend on certain factors, such as your needs and equipment. Round mixing tubes are suitable for automatic coating equipment. For manual gluing, you can go for either round or square tubes. Here’s a simplified guide to help you choose the best static mix nozzles.

Check the viscosity of the adhesive.

Thicker glues require nozzles with a thick diameter. Consider longer and narrower nozzles for thinner viscosity glue.

Determine the required output

How much material should you accomplish at once? Some applications will require more adhesive, so they may fare better with a larger diameter nozzle. Applications that need smaller volumes of adhesive can use mix nozzles, that can accommodate a needle, such as the spiral or bayonet-type.

The interface

Static mixing nozzles can adopt a bayonet form or a spiral type. The working principle involves cutting, shearing, rotating, and remixing the glue with the spiral blade several times before dividing it into many small parts. The spiral blade rotates glue to the right or left, changing the flow direction at intervals to push the central fluid to the periphery while pushing the surrounding fluid to the center. This way, glue is mixed appropriately.

The adhesive’s mix ratio

The close mix ratio (1:1) is ideal, but some projects may require a wide mix ratio (10:1). Specialty static mixing nozzles may be necessary for some applications. In that case, you should work with a reputable manufacturer of disposable static mix nozzles for custom solutions.

Not sure which product to get?

Consult with the manufacturer of mixing nozzles or consider having custom nozzles made. They will work closely with you to help you make informed choices and deliver the best static mix nozzles you require.

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