How to Choose Your Perfect Battery for Your Golf Cart

You’ll want to make sure that your golf cart is running as smoothly as possible. To achieve that, you’ll need to find the perfect battery for it. There are many options including new lithium golf cart batteries and standard AGM and lead-acid options. How do you which is best for your vehicle? Here are things you can consider so you can make an informed choice:

Know what your golf cart requires

Identify the type of battery that the golf cart needs. If you get the wrong battery, it’s not likely to work with the vehicle and if it does, it may cause damage. So, be sure to use a battery that is compatible with your golf cart. If, for instance, you are upgrading from lead-acid or AGM to lithium golf cart batteries, you should learn about the requirements to make the vehicle compatible with the new battery.

Check the voltage

When shopping for golf cart batteries for sale, be sure to narrow down the selection to find the right voltage. This information can also help you determine how many batteries to purchase. With lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, you’ll likely need just one. These batteries come in 24v, 26v, 48v, and 72v, so you should easily find one that’s suitable for your cart.

Verify the warranty

No matter what batteries you purchase, you should always make sure they are covered by a good warranty. That way, you won’t have any worries in case it’s defective or it stops working. The warranty should cover a reasonable period. A four-year warranty should be good for lithium golf cart batteries. Be sure to read up on what the warranty will cover.

Go over the features

Know the features and benefits of the golf cart batteries for sale. For instance, LiFePO4 batteries come with a battery management system (BMS) to protect them from short-circuits, overcharging, and reverse polarity. There should be an easy-to-view built-in LED charge indicator, too, so you can easily tell how much charge is left.

Compare batteries and prices

Cost is often a huge factor that can affect your choice. Lithium batteries may cost more than traditional options, but they offer the best value for your money in the long run because of their longer lifespan, safety profile, and reliability.

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