How to clean white curtains: washing in a washing machine?

This is the most comfortable trick suggested by Laundry near me, therefore it is the simplest too. You just have to put the curtains. But, in order not to damage the curtain, you have to pay close attention to the type of washing we are going to use. So pay great attention to the tutorial that we will give you on how to clean white curtains.

Step 1:

– Choose a washing program that is for delicate clothes

– Use cold water

– Use a short spin

– So the curtains are not going to wrinkle

– Therefore, the work we will save will be quite extensive.

Step 2:

– Once the program is over, the curtains should be hung outdoors

– Follow the same steps we took in the previous advice

– If you have a good dryer you can use it

– That way the drying process will be much faster and easier

– If you use the dryer, choose a low-temperature cycle

Therefore, you will have to spend an average time. That way it will completely eradicate moisture When the process is finished, hang the curtains outdoors

Let them drain and can be ironed just like in the previous case. If it’s about cleaning white curtains in the washing machine, this is the most complete tutorial.

How to clean white curtains: preventions?

Not only do you need to understand how to clean white curtains deeply, but to give him several preventive cares. So, as a responsible person, you must follow these steps that we will take, weekly or at least biweekly.

Use the vacuum cleaner with a nozzle and adequate power, ventilate and remove all dust on the surface of the curtain. This is general cleaning, so if you do not see it necessary do not lift the curtains from your site.

As an additional tip, it would be appropriate for you to do this step with the windows open, it is important. In this way, moisture will not accumulate anywhere in the curtain. If we do this surface cleaning, the tips on how to clean white curtains will have taken effect.

If you do not want to take a risk by washing white curtains at home, you can use Laundry near me service. They are also offering free pickup and delivery service.

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