How to Clear Emotional Blocks: Navigate intense emotions with ease

Why Should You Choose Tan Through Clothes Before any emotion can be cleared, it must be felt. Feeling each emotion is what allows it to be cleared out of your mind and cellular body. Anything you are currently feeling, you are healing. A return of old feelings or the upheaval of emotions is not proof that you’re low vibrational or that you’re not as far along on your journey as you thought. The present feeling is actually proof of what is clearing out of your mind and body. Stand in your courage and continue to feel everything that is arising. It is only being felt by you as it is being healed through you.

This can be so intense, but remember that each thought, feeling, and emotion is part of a greater collective consciousness. It is not yours, it does not belong to you, it is not your burden to bear. It’s only in your awareness to be felt by you.

Conversely, when a feeling is repressed, it is stored in your body to be processed later. Effectively, it is stuck within your mind and the cellular memory of your body. Here’s how to fully feel each emotion as it arises so it can be released, rather than stored within you. The only reason you feel an intense emotion is because the energy field within and around your body is transmuting this intensity into lightness. It is the alchemizing of darkness, in the form of intense emotion, into the light. This may sound complicated, but this process happens automatically through your body and energy field each time you feel an emotion rather suppress it. We awaken by choosing to lovingly welcome and feel our feelings rather than deny them or brush them away. Here are the steps to handle emotions as they begin to bubble up in your awareness:

Take three deep breaths into your abdomen. This will ground your energy and center your awareness so the next steps are as effective as possible.

Identify where in your body you are feeling the emotion. This brings you from your mind into your body where you can actually process each emotion. Remember, emotions are not felt in your mind, they are only felt within your body. This doesn’t make your mind or your thoughts bad, it just makes them irrelevant in this specific process.

Breathe into the area of your body where you feel the emotion most intensely until it begins to dissipate. The lifespan of an emotion is 90 seconds, according to neuroscientist Jill Bolte-Taylor. If you can brethe into the intensity for 90 seconds, not only will this emotion dissipate but it will not get stuck within the cellular memory of your body for later processing.

Invoke Compassion. Talk to yourself as you would a 7-year-old who just experienced the emotion you did. For example, if you just felt intense sadness, what would you say to a child who just experienced this same sadness? You would probably say “wow, I’m so proud of you for being brave enough to feel that. I’m sorry you had to deal with this, but I admire how courageous you are. I love you”. When you change your inner dialogue to softness, compassion, and kindness, you will be astounded by how safe you will feel and how positively your nervous system will react to this safety.

It’s not always possible to practice this at the moment that emotion arises. However, if you’re able to step away when you feel intensity arising within your body and use these tools you will begin to free your body and mind of the burden of stored and repressed emotions. If you can’t practice this process at the moment, check in with yourself later that day. Take a few deep breaths, place your hand on your heart and ask yourself how you are doing after experiencing such intensity. This will give your body the chance it needs to purge any emotion that was stored and release it back into light energy, rather than stay stuck. Remember, what you are feeling you are healing. Therefore, any emotion that arises is proof of how deeply you are healing and how powerful your energy system is that because it has the capacity to transmute dense emotions back into the light. Soltech+ offers a wide range of Vitamin D clothing for Men and Women’s Visit website at

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